Congratulations! Zen Doodle Featured artists announced!
The Zen Doodle Oodles of Doodles book will be better than ever, thanks to you! We received hundreds of entries of doodle art ranging from traditional Zentangle® style tiles, to tangled animals and faces, to brightly colored art journal pages prominently featuring zen doodling. After several rounds of judging and lots of conversation, Tonia Jenny and the North Light Books editorial team narrowed down the list to the following artists. Congratulations to the selected artists and thanks to everyone who entered!

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Zen Doodle_160

International Fake Journal Month

IFJM 2014 logoLearn More from Roz Stendahl

Did you know that April is International Fake Journal Month? This your chance to take on a new artistic persona, to try new techniques or perhaps break out of whatever creative block you’ve been experiencing. Learn all about how to participate in International Fake Journal Month from its creator, Roz Stendahl in her chat with Ricë Freeman-Zachery!


Blast from the Past! 

Schteampunk-1_160Steampunk Inspired Art by Dean Nimmer

While he works on his new book about abstract art for North Light Books, artist Dean Nimmer got together with some of his friends to create a steampunk art exhibit for the Wood Museum of Springfield History in Massachusetts. In this guest post, find out how Dean and his fellow artists not only made a steampunk inspired collage, but also created an exact assemblage replica of an original steampunk machine from 1844.


Finding Freedom in Leftover Bits

CarolynDubeCardboardRectangles3_160Carolyn Dube

How often do you find yourself throwing away little tiny bits of paper from larger projects? Papers that don’t quite fit in a collage or have marks you don’t really care for? In this video tutorial, Carolyn Dube suggests that you find freedom with those leftover bits. Use those bits of paper that were destined for the trash to play! Since you were just going to throw it all away anyway, you can use these papers with paints, material or in layouts you wouldn’t otherwise try. Have fun!




Mixed Media Artist Spotlight

Gina_160Gina Rossi Armfield

Meet Gina Rossi Armfield, watercolor artist, photographer and art journaler. Her first book, No Excuses Art Journaling: Making Time for Creativity, will help you find time in your busy life for some much needed creating. In this artist profile, you’ll learn more about how Gina came up with the No Excuses method, her favorite place and her guilty pleasure!



Speed Painting to Break a Creative Dry Spell

Art3-9_160Tesia Blackburn

Sometimes you just get in a creative rut. When that happens, when it seems like your creative well has run dry it can feel like you’ll never have another creative idea again. In this demonstration from Acrylic Painting With Passion, you can immediately banish that creative block by starting ten new paintings in twenty minutes!





Now Available in the Shop


Cover_U3804_ArtAbandonmentThe Art Abandonment Project

Have you heard about art abandonment? Have you ever considered abandoning a piece of art you created for a complete stranger to find? In The Art Abandonment Project: Create and Share Random Acts of Art, Michael deMeng and Andrea Matus deMeng not only explain how the project got started, they also share hundreds of tips and ideas for safely and successfully creating and abandoning art.

Video + Podcasts

U2862 Doodle Draw.inddBook Notes

Between the covers of Doodle Draw Journal you’ll find 18 demonstrations for discovering and practicing your own style of doodling. Plus, the book doubles as an art journal where you can give each technique a try. In this Book Notes video, Ricë gives you a full tour of the book so you know exactly what to expect!


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