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Vintage Fabric Backgrounds

Kimberly Santiago, author of Collage Playground, will show you how to build an image or scene on fabric using a variety of bits and pieces. You’ll then see, step by step, how to attach the fabric it to stretcher bars and how to finish your corners and edges. Why even wait until tomorrow?

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Reverse Monoprint Image Transfer

Darlene Olivia McElroy and Sandra Duran Wilson, authors of Image Transfer Workshop, will show you how you can use your own drawings, or other high-contrast images or photographs, and common art supplies to create versatile reverse monoprints. And they’ll offer tips and suggestions every step of the way to help ensure your absolute success.

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Protection for the Traveler

Author of Amulets & Talismans, Robert Dancik is a believer in a mystical power to protect. Here he shares instructions for how to make a beautiful talisman meant to keep the traveler’s anxiety at bay. Bonus: You’ll use unique and fascinating techniques in completing this project, techniques like machine cutting and drilling, metal stamping and cutting, and the application of chemical patina.

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Silencing Your Inner Critic

Violette, author of Journal Bliss, knows just how to handle that dark force in her creative life. And she’s eager to share with you techniques that will have you trusting and believing in your artistic self. Through pages of beautiful hand-drawn doodles and simple but strong words of encouragement, she aims to teach you to beat back that gremlin of doubt.

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Art Journal Doodling: Tips & Techniques

Violette, journal artist and author of Journal Bliss, believes that doodling, along with more traditional journaling, can be a transformative experience. Here, she not just tells you how but she shows you how doodling can be a viable part of your journey. You’ll be inspired by both her words and her pictures.

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Make a Vision Statement Banner

For this project, you will make a wall hanging that reflects your vision for the future (for success!). This way you can easily re-read it, recharge and renew your commitment each and every time you see it. Author Shone Cole (The Artistic Mother) will be there with you, every step by step of the way! Using everyday materials, you’ll glue, fuse, sew and Velcro together your dreams. Your wall hanging will also include a detachable goals list, giving you the freedom to change and grow, so you are not locked into looking at a list that you have outgrown. How cool is that?

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Building Ex Votos

Ex votos are typically on tin and often not much larger than twelve inches and depict a moment of tragedy, or potential tragedy, that was thwarted by Divine Intervention. In this project, Michael deMeng, author of Dusty Diablos, provides instructions not only for the process of building your own ex voto, but also how-tos for a handful of creative techniques that will set your work apart, including “the tricky burnt paper routine,” and “the burning flesh trick.”

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Text Unbound

Express yourself with type! Susan Tuttle, author of Digital Expressions, offers a primer on the handful of skills really necessary to incorporate text in your mixed media piece. You’ll learn how to combine a variety of fonts and text colors to create interest; rotate and wrap text; and adjust text layer opacity levels.

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Altering Pages

Here, the authors of Journal Junkies Workshop, Eric Scott and David Modler, explore techniques that make journaling more interactive, techniques that offer the viewer glimpses and peeks into other pages, and techniques that encourage the viewer to open envelopes and pockets and to reveal hidden spaces behind doors and folds.

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Writing in Your Journal

In this tutorial, Eric Scott and David Modler make fresh suggestions for how you can get in the art journaling groove. Above and beyond daily and stream of consciousness journaling, the authors suggest pages of prompts, random words, eavesdropping bits and pieces and more. With their tips and suggestions you’ll never run out of ideas!

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