A Guest Post by Joyce Faulknor: Fast Painting

Joyce Faulknor is known for her Stunning Watercolor, usually to do with crystal and glass, but in the following post, she explains how she has moved on to a more free-form watercolor painting technique. The best part? She only allows herself the length of a song to create her paintings! Scroll down for a video of Joyce in action.

As a full-time working artist, I often had to ask myself, “do artists need a hobby and if so, what is my hobby?” Last March I discovered a wonderful small studio, Meca Fitness, near my home. My Instructors, Lily and Rosemary, are brilliant, and their passion truly infectious. In a few short months, I discovered that I had a sense of rhythm, which was the best gift I could have received. I will never be able to thank Rosemary and Lily to the true extent they deserve.  I then knew I could begin the process of applying the passion of dance to painting, which I truly felt to be my direction.

watercolor painting technique

13″ x 38″ Watercolor painted to Clair de Lune in 4 min. 19 sec.
by Joyce Faulknor

Coincidentally, the opportunity to perform with Claire Spencer, a classical pianist, presented itself.  From June until the performance was an intensive learning curve, from how to undo all my years of detailing and observation, to feeling and moving to music and letting go in my head and hand.

watercolor painting technique

16″ x 38″ Watercolor painted to Danza del Gaucho Matero in 4min. 14 seconds
by Joyce Faulknor

Movement, music, brush, canvas and pigment with my guidance and not over thinking the process, this will be an ongoing learning curve for me.

16″ x 38″ watercolor painted to Danza Del Viego Boyer in 1 min. 16 seconds
by Joyce Faulknor

My true test was the performance, and the audience reaction.  I am now playing with larger canvas, bigger brushes and training my brain to feel, not think during the process.

Jackson Pollack allowed his pigments to mingle before hitting the canvas; it is an organic way of painting.

I am compelled to move in this direction to find my own unique style so that I someday can lecture and teach.  Learning curves are generally hard for me, but I do feel that my body and head are now ready for this new phase of my career.

Here are some of Joyce’s “rejects” during her learning curve.

by Joyce Faulknor

Rejects, 2
by Joyce Faulknor

Stacks of Rejects (5 months worth)
by Joyce Faulknor

Joyce is the author of many North Light books and instructional DVDs. For more about Joyce, visit her website.

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