A Mixed Media Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

A mixed media guest post by Carolyn Dube

mixed media painted tissues

Do you ever have trouble buying a gift for someone because they are able to buy themselves what they need? I was stumped for a gift for an older family member and decided to go with a box of tissues.

Everyone needs tissues and whenever there is a tear in her eye or she does one of her cute sneezes, I want her to know how much she is appreciated.


A generic box of boring tissues doesn’t shout you are loved. But a stenciled box of tissues does.

So I let myself play with paint and stencils all over the box. During the last step, I did something that I shouldn’t do. I know better than to do it because it has ruined so many of my pens. But I just couldn’t help myself and hopefully it didn’t ruin my pen.

Check out the video and see how this box was transformed!

All the stencils used are from StencilGirl Products.

Carolyn Dube is an art adventurer and educator. Get in touch with the creativity inside yourself as she inspires with entertaining tutorials that invite you to play and laugh along side her. Join Carolyn on her blog, A Colorful Journey, on Facebook, and at Google+. Her stencils are available at StencilGirl Products.

In this video Carolyn uses stencils designed by Seth Apter and Andrea Matus deMeng. Check out their most recent books:

Cover_U2959.inddThe Mixed Media Artist by Seth Apter






Cover_U3804_ArtAbandonmentThe Art Abandonment Project by Michael deMeng and Andrea Matus deMeng

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