Positive Affirmations: Self Discovery Series

Positive Affirmations

You are more than the accumulation of images that you encounter on a daily basis and so is your art. To quote Lesley Riley from Inspirational Quotes Illustrated, “When we look at art, we are looking for ourselves,” so the art we are looking at must be a true reflection of who we are deep down.

positive affirmations

To truly embrace who you are, fill the page of your art journal that you created earlier in the month with positive affirmations about yourself. Use Delfina Zapata’s art journal page from Art Journal Kickstarter as inspiration. Try to find and focus on keywords that make you special and stand out. You are an amazing person, now is the time to let yourself shine!

positive affirmations

For more art ideas, check out Inspirational Quotes Illustrated and Art Journal Kickstarter!
Art Journal Kickstarter Inspirational Quotes Illustrated

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