Self Discovery Series: Alter Ego

How we view ourselves is different from how others perceive us, whether it’s purposeful or not. Sometimes we work hard at presenting a stronger front or come off as a little crazier than we intended – but that’s okay, it’s all a part of who we are. So, today is all about creating a self portrait of your alter ego. The side of you, whether you love, hate or just plain put up with it, is still a vital part of who you are – so draw it! Use this Alter Ego exercise from The Declaration of You to help you along the way.

alter ego

My Alter Ego Demonstration

Discover your inner parent/ass-kicker whose sole purpose is to make sure you’re treating yourself nicely. Think of what he or she looks like, how he or she sounds, and what his or her name is. Now draw this disciplinarian, and write his or her bio or mission statement. For example, if you know you need a voice within you that will help you take things less seriously and will make your work more fun, you’d create Fiona, who has purple hair and writes in crayon and loves karaoke. She’ll take care of that Vampire of Despair right good. We don’t care if you’re not an artist. In fact, we’re pretty sure regardless of how you draw this person, it’ll feel pretty liberating. (You don’t have to be good at everything, you know.) You think you’re a bad writer and can’t write an eloquent bio? Who cares! Have a good time with it and don’t judge it. Just do it!

For more art ideas, tips and techniques, check out The Declaration of You!
The Declaration of You

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