Collographs from Creative Foundations: A Moving Experience

An easy collograph definition? Collograph is a relief-printing process, and while collograph techniques vary a bit from practitioner to practitioner, all generally involve attaching shapes, fibers, texture mediums, etc., to a piece of wood or cardboard. In this post, our own Tonia Davenport tries her hand at collograph printmaking using a process outlined by Creative Foundations author Vicki Boutin, who makes collograph printing amazingly fun and super easy!

I spent the first week of 2012 moving—new year, new home, all good. The great news is that I now have more studio space; the not-as-great news is that I’m not so great at formulating a plan for where everything should go, so I’m still unpacking/arranging art supplies and tools. And, what with the holidays and baking and knitting and spending time with friends and family and moving, it’s been like weeks since I’ve touched a bottle of paint and yesterday it dawned on me that I’ve missed making art.

While I’m still in the process of unpacking, I knew where my paint was and wanted a quick fix. I remembered that Kristy had just posted about some free bonus techniques from Creative Foundations by Vicki Boutin, and so I checked out the pdf. And to my delight, what did I discover? Collographs! What’s so great about collographs? Well, like several artists I know, Vicki demonstrates how to use corrugated cardboard to create her prints. With so many boxes piled up here, ready for the recycle bin, I was all set for something quick, inexpensive and, most importantly, fun!

So thank you, Vicki (and Kristy) for reminding me of this fun process. In addition to instruction for making these fun collograph prints, this free bonus-techniques pdf also has step-by-step direction for three other techniques—all equally as fun (and easy!).

I’ll be back when I get the rest of the studio supplies unpacked . . .

Creative Foundations by Vicki Boutin


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