Create Now, Think Later

I was in the mood to make something. I wanted to make—to create, to meditate and work with my hands. I wasn’t much in the mood to think—to plot out, to plan, to compose (well, at least not on any grand scale). I was too tired. It had been a long week so far. But I wanted to create.

And so, I went about doing just that: making something that I knew would require the least amount of brainpower on my part.

I altered a white tank top—white because it would go with whatever I decided to do and I wouldn’t have to think about color combinations.

I picked out a fabric that made me happy and I didn’t spend more than thirty seconds deciding on which one to use. I picked up one jar of paint—one jar, so that, again, there’d be less worrying, less planning involved.

To get the fabric married to the shirt, I picked an extremely simple shape—that of the bar—a shape I like, but that required little fussing with and that I could “compose” with easily.

I’m happy with how it came out. Stitching made my hands happy and allowed me to sink back and enjoy “the zone” while the little peeks of words on the fabric and the pretty color soothed my busy mind.

Next time you want to unwind, I highly recommend creating something using as little thought as possible. Just give it a try; you can always go back to thinking with the next creative project. Some days a lot of thought is good and really can lead to great things. It’s just that sometimes it’s easy to be happy with a little less.



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One Response to Create Now, Think Later

  1. Love the tank top, Tonia; the yellow and pink/red go together so well! I also like the template you made to make it easier to put the pieces back into the right spots.

    I know exactly what you mean about needing to create but not wanting to think – that’s not the time to try something new; that will only lead to frustration and “wasting” materials. When I’m in that mood, I either go for coloured pencils and a sketchbook or journal to write and create shapes and add colour or I paint backgrounds and add colour by instinct.