Destination Creativity Addendum

Below is an addendum to the book Destination Creativity by Ricë Freeman-Zachery.

Many thanks to the talented retreat-goers who made art pieces to trade with their fellow artist friends and whose striking works appear on the pages of this book: Penny Arrowood (pages 12, 13 and 14), Sheila B. (page 7), Ellen Goodloe (pages 4 and 84), Kari Swan-McKittrick (page 1), Pam McKnight (page 69), Teesha Moore (page 49), Linda Rael (page 45), Laura Stinson (page 140) and Anita Webster (page 52). Your pieces all contribute greatly to the authentic spirit we set out to capture.

To learn about how this addendum came about, read Ricë Freeman-Zachery’s post here and Christine Doyle’s post here.

To learn more about or to purchase a copy of Destination Creativity by Ricë Freeman-Zachery, click here.


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