Dress up your messages with easy-peasy polymer clay magnets!

It’s the time for resolutions and reminders… why not pin them up using these pretty polymer clay magnets and learn something new, too!





  • Premo Accents Polymer Clay in three colors of your choice, shown Translucent Blue, Glitter Black and Fluorescent Red
  • Various background stamps
  • Stazon and Brilliance inks by Tsukeneko
  • Graduated size cookie cutters: circles and flowers by Makin’s
  • baking surface (tile)
  • poking tool, beads, needle nose pliers and wire- optional

Premo clay is very strong when very thin, so it works well for a lightweight design such as a magnet that is going to get a lot of use from people touching it. Stazon ink is a solvent based ink that works wonderfully with polymer clay. It comes in lots of great bright opaque colors and it’s fabulous when you want to ink a stamp and press a nice crisp design into clay. Brilliance inks work well to highlight the raised areas, because they are iridescent and sparkly. They are also heat-set, which is perfect for a polymer clay design! Apply your inks and bake the design, which sets the clay and the ink at the same time.

1. Condition and roll out the clay into medium-thin sheets. Place them on a glazed tile or piece of card stock.

2. Cut out circles and flowers (or any shapes you choose) in three graduated sizes, from the three colors.


3. Stamp each shape with a different color and rubber stamp. Start with the largest size, then place the medium clay shape on top of the largest and stamp; stack the smallest on top and stamp. The design will look very different depending on the order of the colors you choose, just be sure to have some contrast between your colors. I did it in this order:

-Large blue circle with music stamp and violet Stazon ink.


-Medium red circle with floral mandala stamp and teal Stazon ink.


-Small black circle with no ink- Brilliance ink was placed on after stamping using fingertips to highlight the design.

-Large black flower with pattern stamp and silver ink.


-Medium blue flower with floral mandala and violet Stazon ink.


-Small red flower with swirl stamp and teal Stazon ink.


If you want to dangle some beads from the design, poke holes along the bottom before baking. Leave them on the tile and bake for 30 minutes at 275 degrees. Take out and cool.

Translucent clays are susceptible to minor temperature fluctuations in the oven, and often they get darker while baking. This happened to the translucent blue. After baking, if you wish, highlight the designs with more Brilliance inks to bring out the colors. If you add Brilliance after baking, remember to heat-set using either a heat gun or placing them back in the oven for 5 minutes.

Add some pizzazz to your magnets by dangling some wire-wrapped acrylic beads from the bottom! Choose acrylic because they are lightweight and if your magnet ever falls down, they won’t break!



Flip your designs over and glue on some rare-earth magnets using a strong glue such as E6000 or Weldbond, and enjoy!


U2255_COVER.inddKira Slye is the co-author of Polymer Clay Art Jewelry and the co-host of Polymer Clay TV.







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