Easy Polymer Clay Molds to Use in Mixed Media Projects

A guest post by Ilysa Ginsburg

How many times have you had an item in your stash you didn’t want to part with but you wanted to use it in your projects? Perhaps its a vintage piece you don’t want to damage because it can’t be replaced or its been in your collection forever or you can’t find it again anywhere. Whatever the case may be, it’s super easy to create  polymer clay molds and then you can use it over and over again!

polymer clay molds

In this video, I’ll share with you some great tips to get started with molds and what my favorite molding medium is. You can use polymer clay in the molds to make awesome embellishments for art journals, jewelry, mixed media projects and more. Once you get started and see just how easy and inexpensive it is you will be molding everything in sight. Have fun creating!

polymer clay molds

U2255_COVER.inddIlysa Ginsburg is one of the authors of Polymer Clay Art Jewelry. To see more of Ilysa’s work you can visit her websites at http://www.emeraldearth.com or http://www.craftylink.com






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