Exposed: An iPhoneography Tutorial Using “Picture Show”

Last month, David Hayes showed you how to manipulate your photos using the iPhone photo apps “Simply B&W” and “Photo Toaster.” Here he offers another tutorial using the “Picture Show” iPhone photo app.

The app, Picture Show, is one of those little gems that sits patiently with all the other apps that I have on my iPhone4….waiting for me to rediscover the power it has to create a dynamite image in only a couple of steps. In this tutorial I would like to show you how I used Picture Show to take a fairly mundane snapshot of an old wrist watch…and turn it into a great abstract image.Here’s the image I started with…not a great snap!! My first thought was to hit the delete button…but…I had a moment to play so I decided to see what I could do with it in Picture Show.

When you first open Picture Show, you will get this screen. Since I was going to work with an existing image, I clicked on the “Photo Library” button…went to my Camera Roll and selected the watch image.

It then opens in the “Original” screen. The first thing I wanted to do was to crop in tight to the watch face. I selected the “Transf.” button…

Clicking first on the “Crop” button on the lower left corner, I then selected the 1:1 button (A) to set-up my crop ratio. Using the crop points, I moved in tight around the watch face. This done, I clicked on the “Done” button (B) to move on.

Now it’s time to put Picture Show through its paces!! In this screen use your finger to move the image up or down…each time will bring up a new filter effect. Make sure to go through them all!

I finally settled on “MultiExposuresBlack” as my working filter. Next…some fine-tuning. I clicked on “Special” button (B) on the bottom tool bar.In this screen, I selected the “HDR” button (A) to activate this effect. Using the slider bar (B), I adjusted this effect to about 0.5. Finished here, I then clicked on the “Done” button (C).

Time to go for some “Style” points! Click on the Style button…

When this screen comes up, click on the “Vignet” button (A) and use the slider bar (B) to adjust how much you’d like. In my case, I went all the way to 1.0. Finished here, I again clicked on the “Done” button (C) to return to the main menu.

Wanting to continue to use the “Style” menu, I clicked here again…

This time, I clicked on “Frame” (A)…and using the slider menu, chose “Burned” (B). And…clicked “Done” (C).

Okay! I was all done with this image!!! So it was time to save it to my Camera Roll. Click on the “Share” button…

Once in this screen, you can share your image and/or save it to your Camera Roll… which I did!

Here’s a neat little feature. If you click on the heart symbol in the upper left corner before you close your image, you can save your settings as a preset for future use. You’ll be asked to give it a name…and then you click save. This is a nice reference point!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful. I would appreciate any comments and/or feedback you might want to give…it’s good to hear from you!!

I would also like to mention the collaborative project that I host each month on my blog, Clearer Reflections. Although it is on summer hiatus until September, each month participants post their images and the “recipes” on how they created them. This is a great chance to share…and to learn from each other. I invited you to check out the details at The Recipe Book Project …and join in beginning this September!

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