Do You [heart] Hearts?

Paper Cut Hearts

Every time I visit Patricia Zapata’s blog, A Little Hut, I swoon a bit. So when I started seeing hearts appear on her blog (I totally [heart] hearts!) I knew I had to jump in, feet-first, and give some paper cutting a try. I thought about all the stencils I own and while I’m not entirely confident about painting with them (maybe eventually . . .), I thought, here is a chance to actually get to use them! Some of you may be familiar with Mary Beth Shaw’s stencils already, but did you know they come in “miniature” sizes too? I used one of them along with some letter stencils for one example shown here. I also found that it’s really easy to just use a ruler and plot out your own patterns. Two things I learned: One, once the tiny end of your blade breaks, change it. You need that micro-sharp point to make intricate cuts. Two, it doesn’t take a heavy hand; keep the touch firm but light when you’re cutting. Now if only I had someone special to actually make a Valentine for . . .Hmmmm, maybe next year!

Paper Cut Hearts Step-Out


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