Global Inspirations: Beth Nicholls


Reporting from: England

Local Contact: Beth Nicholls

What kind of work are you doing in England?

I give creative women the tools and inspiration to do what they love, for life. This is mainly through art retreats and adventurous e-courses. Combining creativity, enterprise and community, these transformational experiences help women identify their passion, and find a way to make it a greater part of their everyday life. For some this means building a creative business into a flourishing, authentic enterprise, which puts beauty and value into the world. The inaugural Do What You Love retreat, held in a stunning venue in the ancient English countryside, was described by many of the participants as “life-changing.”


What have you seen there that inspires you artistically, creatively or otherwise?

Nearly all major art galleries and museums in England are admission-free, which allows for endless wanderings and inspiration gathering. I also love the way that many traditional crafts have made a resurgence in recent years, and there seems to be a growing appreciation of the value of handmade goods. Contemporary craft fairs are popping up all over the country, and while they used to be a countryside affair, they are increasingly becoming part of urban culture, especially in cities outside London.


What can our readers do to create their own creative adventures in their own neighborhoods and communities?

Creative gatherings are good for the soul in so many ways. They can help you connect with like-minded people, indulge your creativity, explore new mediums in a safe environment, and help you reconnect with the real you. Practically speaking, you can search for organized retreats (see Seek Your Course), arrange a local gathering through MeetUp, or take an online course and connect with other participants who live near you. Or, you can just organize an event for your friends, provide supplies and wine, then stand back and see what happens—you might be surprised! A gathering can be as small as 2–3 people, or, more for a large retreat. If you reach out and put the effort in, you might just see magic happen.


Beth Nicholls is a wandering English girl who has lived, worked and travelled in over 50 countries on every continent, seeking out beauty everywhere she goes. Beth founded Do What You Love to give women tools and inspiration to do what they love for life. When she is not wandering off somewhere, Beth lives in Yorkshire—in the north of England—where she can often be found drinking tea and baking cakes.

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Christine Mason Miller is a writer and mixed-media artist who loves to travel, wander and explore, whether on her own or vicariously through others. Her next book – Desire to Inspire: Using Creative Passion to Transform the World – will be released in November 2011 by North Light Books. Visit her at Eager for more of her travel musings? Visit


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One Response to Global Inspirations: Beth Nicholls

  1. thecreativebeast says:

    Great article! I met Beth at the first Artful Journey Retreat, which was also the first time we each attended such an event – she has grown by leaps and bounds since I met her! Congratulations to Beth for all she has accomplished =-)