Global Inspirations: Welcome!

WELCOME! Welcome to Global Inspirations—a virtual “travel lounge” where I get to meet and visit with some astounding creative entrepreneurs from all over the globe. As the sub-title says, the team at Create Mixed Media has given me the oh-so inspiring opportunity to act as curator of “extraordinary stories of artistic and humanitarian inspiration from around the world,” and I’ve been collecting them all summer! Before I give you a sneak peek at what is in store, here’s a quick overview of the new column:

  • A new feature will be posted every other Thursday. I’ll be kicking things off Thursday, September 15 with an interview with one of the most amazing globe-trotters I know, Rebecca Self.
  • Each interview will follow the same format: three questions + three images, as well as plenty of links you can follow to learn more about the astounding work everyone is doing. With so much social media clamoring for our attention, it was important for me to create something that could provide a small yet substantive inspiring shot in the arm, a place everyone could visit and enjoy in the midst of their hectic days.
  • I already have interviews ready for the rest of 2011, but am always looking for inspiring stories. If you know of someone who I should include in the Global Inspirations roster, please let me know in the comments section.

This column is exciting for many reasons. I am a seasoned traveler who has walked the streets of Havana, Tokyo, Amman, Beijing, Wellington, Paris, London, Sydney, Buenos Aires and more in the midst of a blessed creative career that has helped me create connections with people all over the world. My passion for travel has become beautifully woven with my work as a writer and artist, and I have been able to share many of my favorite experiences and inspirations from around the world as a contributor to Gypsy Girl’s Guide as well as Across the Globe, a regular column in Somerset Studio. With Global Inspirations, I now have a platform for sharing the stories and experiences of other kindred, nomadic souls, and this feeds my passion for supporting the work, talent and passions of those who inspire me.

Christine Mason Miller (second from left) on her latest international adventure ~ walking along the Great Wall of China with two of her best friends from high school and their four kids in March of this year.

My forthcoming book, Desire to Inspire:  Using Creative Passion to Transform the World,  is an exploration of the creation of a meaningful life as shared by twenty astounding women. The book is on its way to the printer right now, and will be available in November from North Light Books. In the meantime, it is my hope that Global Inspirations will enable you to travel vicariously through the words and images of some astounding individuals, and give you a glimpse of all that is possible.

I look forward to seeing you here over the next many months. I will be sharing stories from Turkey, Nepal, Morocco, Uganda, and more as told by such inspiring souls as Susannah Conway, Lisa Field-Elliott, and Beth Nicholls.


Christine Mason Miller is a writer and mixed-media artist who loves to travel, wander and explore, whether on her own or vicariously through others. Her next book – Desire to Inspire: Using Creative Passion to Transform the World – will be released in November 2011 by North Light Books. Visit her at Eager for more of her travel musings? Visit

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