5 Fun Craft Ideas

*Guest blog post by Victoria Rose Martin.

Brush the icicles off your brow and let’s talk about spring. The vernal equinox marked the start of spring on March 20th. With the change of season comes dreaming of longer, warmer days. Soon those bitter winter days will be a distant memory. If you need a little help shaking off the cold I’ve got 5 fun, crafty ideas to coax you into a warmer state of mind.

1. Nothing says spring like eggs! Whether they’re chocolate, hard boiled or jellybeans – eggs represent new life.  It’s no wonder they’re associated with spring because within them they hold the potential of rebirth and the potential for new growth. I personally love Pysanky eggs, particularly the black and white ones.

craft ideas
Pysanka eggs for sale on Etsy.

What if you created your own version using technical pens? Draw, write or doodle on the shells. Or rather than using food coloring, break out your watercolor set and paint something special on the shells. Create stencils from paper or foliage like leafs or flowers.

2. By now, I am sure you’d love to go all “Harry Potter” on Old Man Winter.  Why not banish him and the cold weather with a “magical” fairy wand. As you clean your yard or stroll through the park gather twigs and small sticks, wrap them with yarn, ribbon, buttons, beads and wire. I found these cute examples at Craftster.org.

craft ideas
Magic wands made from sticks. (Here)

And if you’re really happy with the outcome, perhaps you could start a new spring ritual. Invite a few friends over for a glass of wine and a wand making party.

3. Have you been entertaining the thought painting a room in your house a bright sunny color? Are you just too lazy to do it? Well, join the club! Why not use that stack of paint chip sample cards for a craft project? A quick search online brought up a slew of great ideas. One of my favorites is the egg-garland.

craft ideas
Screenshot of paint sample garland search on Pinterest.

Not your style?  What if you just started doodling random shapes on the cards? Draw flowers, hearts or just stream of consciousness. Still need more inspiration? Take a look at the book Zentangle Untangled Workbook. Doodling random images onto color swatch cards could inspire a whole new way to work.

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Zen Doodle Basics from here.

And as we all know, drawing can be a great stress reliever. Or if you’re not so great with drawing visit your local craft supply store and buy a decorative paper punch. So what if it winds up being crazy and random? Just have fun.

4. Are your hands eager to tend a garden? There’s no need to wait for the ground to thaw. Take an old jar and create a terrarium garden. I find Ken Marten’s glass gardens absolutely magical.

craft ideas
Screenshot of Hermetica, featuring Ken Marten’s terrarium gardens.

Cruise junk shops or thrift stores for old beakers, wine glasses or other clear containers and create your own magical mini gardens.

craft ideas
More gardens (here).

No access to moss or succulents? Not to worry. But a pack of seeds and toss them in with some pebbles and dirt. Watching the seedlings sprout can be a reminder of warmer weather. Want to add more whimsy? Why not add small toy cars or soldiers into the fray.

5. And finally, I remember when I was a kid we’d spend a weekend spring-cleaning. All of the walls, curtains and bedding were given a good wash. Spring-cleaning is also a great time to get rid of excess.

craft ideas
Image courtesy of: better12.blogspot.com

Have you got a bag or two of winter woolies you no longer need? Why not up cycle old clothing and create some spring flowers. Don’t be afraid of using heavier fabric like denim. These examples are beautiful and I love the way the stiff denim fabric holds the curl at the tops of the petals.

craft ideas
And once again, if you make something you really love why not develop the concept into something you can sell or promote online. Post images on Facebook or other social media and celebrate the change of seasons.

Victoria Rose Martin is an artist and designer currently living in South Florida. She is the Department Chair for Fine Art and Graphic Design at Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth, Florida. You can visit her website at: VictoriaRoseMartin.com.

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