Art Journal Inspiration

*A guest post by Carolyn Dube.

What’s inspiring my play today?
Sue Pelletier‘s new book, Collage, Paint, Draw! It is a happy and bright book loaded with projects, techniques, and most of all Sue’s encouraging style.

How do I use a book like this?
Sometimes I do the projects in the book and sometimes I take individual techniques and give them a try. The latter is how I was hooked on drawing with a pipette.

Watch Stencil and paint play inspired by Sue Pelletier’s book on YouTube. (Here is the direct link!)

Using a pipette is not an exact science. It’s actually a challenge for me to control. So what started as flowers in my mind turned into something a bit different on this vintage ledger paper.

art journal inspiration

They became suns. Since it is art journaling, if I want 3 suns then I can make 3 suns. It’s not like there are strict rules about drawing flowers with a pipette.

art journal inspiration

The suns needed more playfulness to then. One of Sue’s Loose Dress stencils at StencilGirl gave me just what I needed. I used some of the details from the stencil. In the video, you can see how easy it is to cut a cosmetic sponge to fit your needs so no masking is required!

art journal inspiration

The Pico embellisher, with its fine tip that doesn’t clog, let me draw the final layer loosely over the suns. The very last step was doing some scribble journaling getting my thoughts onto the paper. I don’t remember what I wrote and I can’t read it now but I do remember how I felt as I created this – happy!

art journal inspiration

Click to Purchase Collage Paint Draw!Carolyn Dube is an art adventurer and educator. Get in touch with the creativity inside yourself as she inspires with entertaining tutorials that invite you to play and laugh along side her. Join Carolyn on her blog, A Colorful Journey, on Facebook, and at Google+. Her stencils are available at StencilGirl Products and stay tuned for her four new DVDs coming out from North Light this fall.

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3 Responses to Art Journal Inspiration

  1. MariaMcGuire says:

    Carolyn, you have a wonderful way of making people want to drop everything they are doing and just play! Love your inspiration from Sue’s book!

  2. jean says:

    You are having such fun with the pipette! Thanks for showing what can be done with it!

  3. ammie says:

    You infuse your audience with your objects.Inspiring artwork!