Back to School All Year Long at Artist’s Network University

by Beth Samek, Online Education Manager at Artist’s Network University

Summer is starting to come to a close and Fall is starting to creep in. I can see it in the edges of leaves and the slightly cooler feel to our summer storms out here in Colorado. One thing that Fall always means, for some, is back to school time!

Whether it’s for yourself or your little ones, fresh school supplies and a new back-to-school outfit is a must! ‘Back to School’ at Artist’s Network University happens year round! And while the only back-to-school outfit you need are some pajamas, I think that our school supplies are pretty exciting!

Each week gives you the chance to start a new course, try something fun, challenge yourself and dedicate more time to painting and making art. Mixed media gives us the change to make something new, bringing together seemingly different medium in original ways!

When our techniques are feeling rusty or a new subject has been catching our eye the structure of a course can help us bring back focus to our work- that can give you the Back-to-School feeling anytime.

If you are looking to add in new drama & create strong atmosphere in your next piece, be sure to check out Sharon Weaver’s upcoming course Bring Atmosphere and Drama to Your Art, starting on September 24th! Sharon’s work is featured above. Get a strong drawing foundation with Learning to Draw from the Very Beginning with Annette Raff starting on September 10, 2013

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