Creative Kickstart: Starting Over… Again

*Guest post from Natasha Watson.

I wasn’t going to submit a tutorial because I honestly had not been near my art journal or any supplies in the last 6 months. I was creatively dried up, I thought, after coming back from depression and then a soul-crushing miscarriage. I was having a crisis of who I was and what my purpose on this earth is.

And then I wondered what would happen if I actually took that advice that all creative people have heard before of just start. So I thought that is what I would do and see what happened.

Materials List:

Collage materials
Acrylic paint
Oil pastels

starting over
Step One: I grabbed an art journal and while flicking to a blank page found this started page and thought it was appropriate because after this long it did feel awkward! So I began there, goodness knows what my intention for this page was originally.

starting over
Step Two: I have a box of bits and pieces I have saved for collage materials. I went through the box first just as as place to start discarding some things and keeping aside things I still felt drawn to. I began gluing some of the collage items down until I felt done. I used old scrapbook paper, old warranties, old painted papers, an old serviette…just what I felt drawn to.

starting over
Step Three: I scraped on some white acrylic paint to push it all back a little and unify it a bit. Not a lot. But just a start.

starting over
Step Four: I used some oil pastels to put some marks on the page and wrote a few things that was in my head onto the page with charcoal. It was messy and scribble and only meant for me and as another way to put marks on the page. I grabbed some more acrylic paint and put that on. Scratched into it a bit.

starting over
Step Five: I decided to paint a white butterfly on the page. They are flying around everywhere at the moment and their caterpillars are feasting on my veggie garden, so it was good to think about their beauty and not just what destructive pests they are!! It was at this stage I thought I had made a giant mistake and was going to have to start another page. I felt maybe I had lost my creative mojo for good.

starting over
Step Six: It ended up coming together in the end when i just kept going, and then I put some finishing pen lines around the page. I realized I had hit the awkward teenage years in the previous photo and moving past that and continuing was a process I needed to go through. It felt cathartic.

starting over
Step Seven: Add any final touches.

Don’t give up. Sometimes we just need to grab something and get started. Sometimes we just need to push through the awkwardness, but it is always rewarding.

Art Journal Kickstarter

Natasha Watson Bio:
I am a creative seeker living in New Zealand raising my children with my husband and trying to find my way with as much faith, laughter and joy as I can manage. Some days I do much better than others!

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