Enlight: Light On Light

*A guest blog post by David Hayes using the Enlight app.

Source Image:

This month I’d like to show you how I had some fun with a new app, Enlight, using a fairly straightforward still life as my source image!

Step One:

I opened the app and loaded the source image into the app. After this, I tapped the menu icon (A) to open this panel. I then tapped on Canvas (B) so I could access these tools.

Step Two:

Wanting to do a bit of tightening, I went to the Crop tool.

Step Three:

In Crop, I tapped on Fixed Ratios.

Step Four:

Going to the 5:4 ratio, I pulled in the crop corners to where I was happy. This done, I tapped on the Checkmark icon in the top right corner to put my crop into place.

Step Five:

Back in the main menu, I next tapped on Image and then on Adjust.

Step Six:

While this app has a bunch of great Adjust presets, this time I tapped on Tools and then Basic.

Step Seven:

Leaving Brightness and Offset at zero, I did adjust Contrast to 55% and Exposure the 6% bringing a bit of “edge” to the image. As before, I then tapped on the Checkmark icon to put these adjustments to work.

Step Eight:

Next I went to Clarity.

Step Nine:

This time I did use one of the presets…Details that I adjusted to 99%. Tapping on the Checkmark icon, I put this into place and was returned to the main menu once again.

Step Ten:

Going to Filters, I decided to use one of the Analog presets.

Step Eleven:

After tapping on Presets, I picked a favorite called “Brigue” and adjusted this to 77% before tapping on the Checkmark icon.

Step Twelve:

My processing finished, I saved to my Camera Roll. Here’s the final version!

If you’d like to see more of this art, visit my blog: www.clearerreflections.com

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