Finding Inspiration With Mixed Media Handbook

*This is a guest blog post by Carolyn Dube.

Finding Inspiration With Mixed Media Handbook
The minute I saw the owl in a National Geographic magazine, I knew I wanted to art journal with it. But how would I use it? Cut it up. That didn’t feel right. Paint over it? That didn’t feel right either. So I let it wait until the idea meant for it came along.

The idea showed up while I was looking through Kimberly Santiago’s Mixed Media Handbook. She used a vintage magazine illustration with a bleach pen. I didn’t have a vintage magazine but I did have that National Geographic so I gave it a try.

Here’s the owl just after I finished the bleaching. For some reason, I was feeling rather fussy about the moon. I kept making little changes here and there and, in the end, most of my fussing was completely obliterated in the following step.
Finding Inspiration With Mixed Media Handbook

Thanks for the spark Kimberly! Not only did I get to play, but there was a wonderful bonus to using that bleach pen – my studio smelled as if I had been cleaning!
Finding Inspiration With Mixed Media Handbook

Carolyn Dube is an art adventurer and educator. Get in touch with the creativity inside yourself as she inspires with entertaining tutorials that invite you to play and laugh along side her. Join Carolyn on her blog, A Colorful Journey, on Facebook, and at Google+. Her stencils are available at StencilGirl Products.

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2 Responses to Finding Inspiration With Mixed Media Handbook

  1. jean says:

    I need to go get some National Geographics and some bleach pens! Love how adding water kept resulting in more changes. Love this!

  2. MariaMcGuire says:

    Watching you make this page was so much fun! I love that you just PLAY and inspire us all to do the same!