Junk Journal Oopsies

*Guest post by Carolyn Dube.


I had a big problem. I was frozen and unable to decide where to start on a pristine white page in a brand new journal.  I so wanted to play but just couldn’t bring myself to make that first mark.  How did I solve this problem?  By using one of my junk journals.  I define a junk journal as a journal filled with a hodgepodge of stuff some would call junk.  Each and every page already has something on it. Exactly what I needed to jump start the play.

Junk Journal Workshop

This post is all about how I use that journal once it is built.  You can see how it was built in my video, Junk Journal Workshop, Unexpected Materials for Handmade Journals. Whenever I am playing, I am usually making what I formerly labeled as a mistake. Now I call it an O.O.P.S., an Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Suddenly.  In the video, you’ll see quite a few Oopsies.  The book text on the page was upside down.  First Oops right there!  Once I pulled out the purple paint in the video, that’s when the Oopsies came one right after another…

Watch A Junk Journal with Oops After Oops on YouTube.

I used the fine line applicator with white ink to add some sketchy lines to the vintage magazine.  The words I circled provided the inspiration for the my word choices on the facing page.  The purple, which was done with ColorBursts in the DVD and is now completely dry, bled wonderfully through the white ink giving it a nice matching color.


I stenciled the word fly right on top of juicy wet paint using  my Now is the Time stencil from StencilGirl Products.  Suddenly, my inner critic popped up when I started to write the words “to the moon” because I detest my handwriting.  That voice was loudly pointing out how my t’s weren’t the same size, how I bumped into the Y, and on and on.  Luckily, I have a mouthy inner teenager who sets my inner critic straight any time she gets too noisy so I can keep right on playing.


I don’t like to wait for paint to dry and I don’t like using a heat gun so how do I journal on wet paint?  Not with a pen.  I’ve ruined too many that way over the years.  What won’t get ruined is any paint/ink applicator with a fine tip.  Here, I used a pico embellisher for my scribble journaling.


I let myself play.  My fingers had paint on them. I played with color and glitter.  I made lots of Oopsies. Now I was ready to go and tackle that big blank page of white space!

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Carolyn Dube is an art adventurer and educator. Get in touch with the creativity inside yourself as she inspires with entertaining tutorials that invite you to play and laugh along side her. Join Carolyn on her blog, A Colorful Journey, on Facebook, and at Google+. Her stencils are available at StencilGirl Products and check out her four new DVDs from North Light!

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  1. jean says:

    Loving your oops and how you dealt with it!