Save a Life of a Pen

*A guest post by Carolyn Dube.

save a life

I did a good thing today. I saved the life of a pen. How? By calling upon my many many experiences with wet paint and ruined pens. Did I wait for the paint to completely dry? Don’t be silly. That would take patience. I used a pencil instead. Pencils can take a lot more abuse than my pens. The pen threatening art journal spread all started with this washi tape from Scotch. I loved the pattern so much I didn’t want to stop adding it to the page.

save a life

That washi tape led me to the paint. Even after adding color, there was lots of white space left on the page! That’s a rarity for me. Enjoy the video as I share this page from start to finish.

Watch Washi Tape Journaling on YouTube:

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  1. jean says:

    Carolyn is such a delight to watch and listen to!