Share Your Love of Art By Teaching Online!

by Beth Samek, Online Education Manager at Artist’s Network University

The Internet is a great place to learn something new, whether it’s trying a new recipe or searching for a new idea for a mixed media project. And just like a chef somewhere is responsible for your dinner an art teacher somewhere is responsible for the new techniques and tips you pick up when learning online.

Teaching students in a workshop or course setting is a chance for art teachers to impart their wisdom and explore their own creative process. At Artist’s Network University I’m excited to give experienced fine art instructors the opportunity to share their art in new instructional formats.

We use Blackboard, a platform commonly used by many major universities and colleges across the country, and offer the eBooks and video downloads found at as potential course materials and our instructors also have the opportunity to create their own instructional materials too!

One thing that I find exciting about teaching is that there are many different approaches to the same medium. Almost as many as there are instructors to teach them! I am always looking for new mixed media instructors to bring their own perspective to our students. Teaching from your own studio gives you the opportunity to connect with students around the world (literally) while working on your own art or other commitments. We have many great teachers at Artist’s Network University, all impressive in their own right!

Click here to learn more about teaching with Artist’s Network University online!

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