Ice Resin and Book Giveaway!

Do you like playing with resin? Did you happen to see my review of Jen Cushman’s book Explore, Create, Resinate? Well Jen and I were both so excited about me getting over my resin fears, that she and Susan Lenart Kazmer have put together a giveaway to celebrate all the excitement!

Two prizes will be given away:

First prize:

a signed copy of Jen’s book, Explore, Create, Resinate

a copy of Susan’s book, Making Connections

two packages of ICE Resin

four bezels

one pendant made by yours truly

Second prize:

a signed copy of Jen’s book, Explore, Create, Resinate

a copy of Susan’s book, Making Connections

two packages of ICE Resin

one bezel

To Enter

To be in the running to win, just leave a comment on this post and tell me what product or material you are curious about, but have been afraid to try. Two random winners will be selected from the comments and I will then email you to get your shipping address. Exciting, right? Have your comment in by Sunday, April 3 at 11:59 pm (EST). The winners will be announced on Monday, April 4. Good luck!


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218 Responses to Ice Resin and Book Giveaway!

  1. nouveauvieille says:

    I’m very curious about ICE Resin. It looks like there are so many wonderful things to do with it. I’d love to get this book. Thanks for putting this giveaway together. -Christine

  2. Jeannie says:

    I have been wanting to try ice resin since I first saw it. What a fantastic giveaway!

  3. Steph says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. Jewellery making with ice resin is something I’ve been wanting to try. I’ve heard so much about it and it’s not easy to purchase these material where I live.

  4. thornyhold says:

    I am so excited to hear about ice resin. What a terrific idea. Can’t wait to try this out.

  5. Amazing! I really want to try ice resin and the books looks informative too. I love learning new skills and techniques.


  6. postalorphan says:

    Ohmigosh – what a fabulous prize! I have looked almost everywhere locally for the ice resin without any luck! And I absolutely love Susan’s work – was fortunate enough to take a class with her many years ago, and it was such a wonderful experience. Thank you for the shot at some terrific goodies!

  7. jetjill1960 says:

    I have yet to try any resin product. I have bought one kind and never opened it, although I’ve had it several years. Your product, especially as packaged with the dispensing mechanism, looks easy to use. I love jewelry I see made with it. Also haven’t gotten up the nerve to solder yet.

  8. Mindy says:

    I tried a resin once (not this product) but had bad results. I’ve been looking for a book about all the different things you can do so thanks for posting about these. I’ll have to check them out. I’d like to experiment with paper and different mediums during the pouring of the resin to see what happens.

  9. thienkim says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn precious metal clay but it seems too expensive to just experiment!

  10. Yategirl says:

    I’ve had a play with resin but didn’t feel I knew enough to be able to improve and expand on what I did, I would love to be able to learn more!

  11. kshabowski says:

    What a fabulous give-away. I have been wanting to try Ice-Resin but have not had the courage to do so. I would love to win this so that i would free to create and learn!
    Tnak you!

  12. What a great give away, I’d love to get more confident in using Resin. I have all the ingredients but I’m just too nervous to jump in. Thank you

  13. bellestarr says:

    always wanted to try something like this but felt it was maybe too messy and involved? i’d love to give it a try. great giveaway!

  14. Janine says:

    I would LOVE to try the ICE Resin but it looks a little intimidating for some reason. lol. But I love photography and would enjoy making a pendant from my photos. Seems like the ICE Resin would be the thing for it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. says:

    I have always wanted to try PMC but don’t want to spend the dough. Oh, well!


  16. Carol says:

    I love working with Ice Resin but need more time to explore some of it’s uses – like resined paper. Love the product.

  17. creativestatic says:

    I’ve been curious about ICE Resin, but I haven’t found it locally to try it out! One technique I’ve been itching to try out is encaustic collage – I have been slowly gathering the materials needed to give it a shot. Great giveaway, by the way! 🙂

  18. kcarmack says:

    This is a most interesting media and I would absolutely love to try it! The book looks fabulous. Thank you for giving us a chance to win this.

  19. Nicker says:

    I’ve been playing with resin a bit. Next I’m hoping to try resin bezels on some pierced pieces maybe with the addition of some moving parts. Next technique I’d like to try is encaustics. What a fantastic give away thanks for offering this!

  20. glassgirl says:

    awesome … i am waiting on my order now…:D

  21. says:

    I would love to try ICE RESIN, and the bezels look fabulous. I enjoy making all different kinds of jewelry, and have to try your products.

  22. Beth Martin says:

    Interesting concept and certainly look forward to using it with my beach glass findings! Thank you for listing this great giveaway!

  23. Sherry W. says:

    This giveaway sounds great! I have never used Ice Resin and would love to try it over original artwork encapsulated within a bezel for use as wearable art. The book would add so much background info, too…All of it sounds wonderful! Please enter me!!

  24. says:

    I love Ice Resin. I am lucky enough to live in the same town as Jen so have taken a couple of classes from her using Ice Resin. Paper & Metal our local store is also carrying it now, (yeah!) These prizes are fabulous as is Jen’s book.

  25. nadean says:

    This giveaway is like crack for a “craft junkie” like me ! Tried resin once (big batch poured over tile table), everything turned yellow. Never tried Ice Resin. I’ve been hesitant to do jewelry for its so small. Thanks for doing this giveaway !

  26. pupton says:

    I am afraid of resin! I don’t know why but I am! I would love to try some. I hear that resin paper is quite the thing too!

  27. Scrapping Nomad says:

    Totally curious about ice resin, would love to give it a try!

  28. Nolwenn says:

    Ice Resin is exactly the product I really want to try but am affraid of. Affraid of getting it everywhere, ruining the artwork.
    But I love love love Wyanne artworks and she uses it all the time. It is a very interesting medium. I would love to try.
    Thanks for the giveaway !

  29. cofrog says:

    You know I have never heard of resin but it sounds like fun and I am always looking for new media to play with.

  30. indypupco says:

    I am interested in Ice Resin. I bought some a few months ago and have been scared to try it! Help!

  31. colleen says:

    Love ~ Love ~ Love ~ This !

  32. LeslieKA says:

    I would love to try enameling with a torch but to this point I haven’t been brave enough to give it a shot! Thanks for the chance to win these awesome prizes!

  33. DancingNancy says:

    I have also been very curious about Ice Resin. I have worked with other resins in the past with very mixed results. Can’t get it (Ice Resin) locally and, quite honestly, the price has stopped me from buying it online. The size of the resin giveaway looks about perfect for the 1st time user (like me!). The book looks amazing!

  34. pemba says:

    I have tried resin a bit and look forward to doing it again. I tried in in the winter with a friend and it was too cold to work easily.

  35. I am so excited for this contest! I am just starting and love the look of the products displayed with this resin. I think the options are limitless. In my town there isn’t an artist I know who uses resin so I’m very excited to get started and will be purchasing some soon.

  36. jdaviesreazor says:

    I love resin, but haven’t ever tried casting it. Thats what is next on my list!

  37. pklaproth says:

    I’ve tried regular resin with miserable results. I would love to try Ice Resin and see if I am more successful. If so, I envision encasing items in resin as a focal point on the cover of a journal or hand made book!

  38. lisatrasa says:

    I’m not afraid to try anything, quite the contrary: I’m in Spain, and I’ve been waiting to get my mitts on some Ice Resin to play with it and see what it’s like, so I would love the chance to try it out. And of course a book on how to use it is even better!! Thanks for the generous giveway! Cheers from Barcelona 🙂

  39. krishubick says:

    Please enter me in this fantastic giveaway! This book looks great!

  40. melissam says:

    Love the look of Ice Resin and have tried it several times with mixed success…just need some more practice! What I would like to try next would be precious metal clay…especially bronze and copper, but can’t afford it right now…someday!

  41. Ann Widner says:

    I recently switched to Ice Resin! I had tried two other brands of resin in the past few years since I started making my photo jewelry. I thought I had finally found the best one — that is until I ordered Ice Resin and had great success with it. It’s definitely THE BEST resin for jewelry-making. The thing that attracted me most to it is that it is promoted as “jeweler’s grade” and as “non-yellowing.” The thing I truly love about it is that bubbles dissipate on their own — no more using the heat from an embossing gun or breathing over the resin. Just let the resin set a while, and those nasty bubbles disappear all by their little selves! One thing that I want to try using are deep bezels. Up to now, I’ve just used resin to coat my photos. I’m a little afraid of deep bezels because of the whole bubble issue, but I’m confident that Ice Resin will work as perfectly in deep bezels as it has in coating my pieces. I’m a convert — Ice Resin Rules!! I hope I win the contest and get some of those bezels to try out!

  42. quiltingjewel39 says:

    I have been wanting to try Ice Resin – have seen so many great things made with it but I haven’t taken the time yet. I figured I would need a chunk of time the first time I used it. Great give away – thank you for the chance.

  43. I really have been wanting to learn more about ice resin and start working with it. I have seen some of the great creations others have made using it and think I would LOVE doing some!!

  44. francine says:

    I have yet to try an ice resin project, so exciting, I can’t wait to create something with it

  45. Kcmick says:

    I used to love doing resin crafts in the 1970’s. I’m excited to try the new ice resins. It seems as though there is a lot more versatility. What a fun contest

  46. carlanda says:

    thank you! i would love to win this giveaway! and my birthday is next week…how nice! i have wanted to try ice resin, but have been afraid to. and the books would be wonderful! thanks carlanda

  47. Jen says:

    Ooooh…. I’d love a copy of both Susan and Jen’s books! I would LOVE to try encaustics but haven’t yet because I can’t find the extra cash to get the supplies. I’d also really like to try the new plastic clay I’ve seen. Fun!

  48. biamonte says:

    I would not even consider using anything but Ice Resin. I just received my last order for two more packages of it for my friends. They shared my last bottle and now need their own. Just another great testament to how well this produce works compared to others. DO NOT be aftraid to try it (as I was for so long). My only problem now is finding enough unique empty bezels to use in my creations. My eyes are always looking for things to use. I have just made about 20 rings and abaout 10 bracelets that I will use as prizes at a shower I am having. Easy and inexpensive gifts that many will love!!! Would love to win the book to get me even more inspired. Very generous of both of you to offer such gret prizes.

  49. decomama says:

    I love to create, I have used Ice Resin and love it, have been wanting to try
    the syringes for tiny jobs. Love the Resinate book and would love Susan’s book.
    Lovely prizes.

  50. artlvnanita says:

    I would love to try ICE resin! I’ve tried using resins before and have never been satisfied with their performance…I’d love to learn how to make my own beads and/or jewelry…I have no idea where to begin, but these books looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  51. slowturnstudio says:

    I have been obsessed with thinking about all the things that I could do with ICE Resin. All I need is a push and some product! I especially want to make resin paper and use it to embed objects in book covers.

  52. Hope Clinchot says:

    I can’t wait to try Ice Resin! I love the way you can make it dome…so unique. All the pieces I have seen made with this product come out looking fabulous….hope I am lucky to win some so I can try it out!! Cannot wait to see the new books…since I don’t get to go to the classes, I really rely on these instruction books to show me new products and techniques! thanks!

  53. stillness says:

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to participate in this giveaway! I am excites to try ice resin to create and preserve heirloom pieces for my grandchildren.

  54. debbeezcatz says:

    I am excited about using Ice Resin and layering with it. Too many great ideas…not enough hours in the day!

  55. CorrineNZ says:

    I love the look of those books, but I would be most excited to try ice resin. What a fantastic giveaway.

  56. says:

    I am a recently retired art teacher and now do private classes as well as make jewelry. I have used most mediums but have yet to use any resins. Being on a fixed income I am limited to what I can dive into. As most artists when I find a new medium, if go overboard and many are left to the wayside or never tried. I would be glad to have the opportunity to try either one of these packages. This may be exactly what I need to spear head my retirement and a new direction in my teaching as well as in my jewelry business. Thanks so much for the chance and opportunity.

  57. nancy lefko says:

    You totally nailed it…this is it…I love and yet have fear of using Ice Resin…also, soldering…how I wish I had the nerve to try that craft!

    Thanks for this great opportunity…who knows, maybe I could even overcome my fear too!!

    • biamonte says:

      Do venture out and try soldering. I am addicted to that too. It is not hard to get the hang of it…

  58. mamapeacock says:

    I have ICE Resin but have only used it once but it was a simple bezel filling. I would love to learn new things and ideas, the book would be GREAT to have!!!!!

  59. PQ44 says:

    It would be awesome to win ICE resin. Been trying to figure out what the heck people are using for some of these creations! Would love to learn all about this stuff, and make some very cool fun things! Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. StacyinKS says:

    I have always wanted to use Ice Resin!! I have so many ideas-but as a Stay at Home Mom-I really don’t have a lot of extra $ to pick up extras. I would LOVE to win, so I could try out some of those ideas! 🙂

  61. Melissa says:

    I would love to try resin! Thanks for the chance.

  62. jmtsurf says:

    I’ve used resin awhile back for bottlecap magnets, but want to venture into more with the Ice Resin. So many projects to work with starting with rings next!

  63. AndreaR says:

    ICE RESIN!!! I have friends who have created wonderful papers, books, and jewelry with it….but I’ve been hesitating to try it myself. I would love to just jump in and create something with it.

  64. Dora says:

    I think the Ice Resin is an interesting product that can be used with amazing effects. I’ve never tried it but I liked the examples shown and that the reviewer was able to make it work for her!

  65. Annie says:

    Whoa this is so cool.. Jen’s book seems like a must have! I’ve been wanting to try ICE resin for ages but it’s hard to get in Australia… crossing my fingers here lol

  66. Holly says:

    Oh the Ice Resin is intriguing! I think that with the book is just what I could use to get started 🙂

  67. Chris says:

    Looks like a grand time! Super giveaway!!

  68. WhippedUpWire says:

    I finally found ice resin at Michaels last week! I have it baaaad…. you know, that feeling you can’t control; sweating, fidgeting, looking through the eye brows, only to find yourself stalking that corner shelf from all five directions (that’s three actual directions and two imaginary) to make sure it’s really there…. and you’re broke for two more weeks?!!!!!

  69. lizkettle says:

    I love resin and both Susan and Jen’s work! I would so love to win! But, I know these will be added to my bookshelf regardless.

  70. Sandi247 says:

    I seen a project somewhere online using resin. Put a picture in a metal bottle cap, then fill with resin. If you could put a hole through the cap,,,then you could make little charms. Or magnets? I’m certainly not afraid, but limited on my budget! Free products are the coolest ever! Good luck everyone!

  71. hollops says:

    I took a class in Ice Resin, but still feel intimidated by it. Once the stuff sets you can’t redo it. I guess I need more practice.

  72. lizzie says:

    pretty much everything in this post i’m scared of hahahaa i’m such an art pansy!

  73. rose says:

    I just brought some ice resin. The books would be great to have. I’m making memory jewelry for a friend who child passed away

  74. Mandas1610 says:

    I’ve never tried the Ice Resin but it looks awesome!!!!

  75. Mora_Eden says:

    I am brand new to resin and winning this kit would be the perfect start to my new crafting adventure! I hear wonderful things about Ice Resin from my crafty friends and I can’t wait to try it. =)

  76. Mary says:

    I would love to win this giveaway!! I’ve played with resin just a little bit and i want to try more of it, heard about the Ice resin and want to try that , would love to win the books and resin!!

  77. Kllrqueen06 says:

    I’m new to the world of mixed media arts and am now hooked on Ice Resin. I’ve placed my second order with Objects and Elements in less than a week. My husband bought me a soldering iron awhile back but I’m terrified to use it!

  78. Piper says:

    I would love to use ice resin with papers and bevels. Thanks.

  79. I would like to try resin too! And lsoldering too. Thanks for the chance!


  80. kscott says:

    Great give away! I love Ice Resin and have used it with many mixed media pieces. I’d love to try more experiments with different kinds of paper to see how it works with Japanese rice paper or other art papers…

  81. secs44 says:

    I am so excited to try ice resin…I have tired a few types form Lowes but dont get great results….I love mixed media…thanks for the opportunity. Just took a class with Stephanie Lee and love the idea of incorporating resin!

  82. Johoanna says:

    What a great prize. Thank you. I would like to try this new ICE resin, I’ve heard good things about it and can see the potential of making charms to add to my textile and mixed media work. But the material/product I would love to try is dyeing fabric and fiber with natural dyes…that is plant materials, etc.

  83. slljones says:

    I’ve just started working with ICE Resin and I love it! Just need to expand my knowledge base to really get going.

  84. i am soooo ready to try that ice resin for the resin paper projects. can’t wait to ge tmy hands on those books!

  85. craftysuz says:

    This is really interesting me since I’ve been seeing so many great charms lately on blogs

  86. wondrousstrangedesigns says:

    I am dying to try the Ice Resin…even have the double tube mix in my studio…but terrified to try it:) Need, need, need this book!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win….so generous!!! Heading to Amazon now to put it in my wish list…just in case you don’t pick me:) Good luck to everyone….but I WANT this book:)

  87. folkheart says:

    I would just love to give this a go! I’ve worked with similar products before, but with far less than satisfactory results. Very excited to read, learn and experiment!

  88. Square Crafters says:

    I have been soooo wanting to try resin! I think it’s super cool and I’ve had customers asking about it too. I just opened a crafty shop in February and host several classes per week. If I won, I would be able to make all kinds of things that would make my customers swoon!

  89. I would love to win this giveaway, as I have a lot of ideas about what I could do with resin but I’ve been reluctant to try. I’m not sure about how much to mix for projects or how to handle bubbles etc. I have seen a few videos on clear resin and it looks much easier to handle, with better results, than other resins. As much as I’d like to win this, and I do, I’m going to share the link. Good luck everyone.

  90. Karenra says:

    I am curious about Resin and Clay. I have not tried these because i have very limited space due to living in an apartment.

  91. RecycleArtists says:

    What a great giveaway package. I’m a huge information hound, so that books would rock! Plus, a piece from you and new toys to play with… sweet! Hope I win but good luck to everyone.

  92. kcguevarra says:

    I was hooked on resin after taking two classes with Susan several years ago. It’s such a versatile medium. I even use it in the classroom with my 4th-6th graders. They love the look of their creations under resin. As for connections, given some wire and a pair of pliers, the students get very creative. What a great addition two more titles would make to inspire and spur the creativity!

  93. katietxsa says:

    I’ve read about Ice Resin and have so wanted to try it; as well as Susan’s book! I’ve made one of her charm necklaces & get so many comments.

  94. SirenOfTheDeep says:

    Enchanted by the myriad possibilities!

  95. DeniseB says:

    I’m anxious to learn more about ICE Resin! The books and products look fabulous!

  96. I have seen this Ice resin used on a youtube video, but I have never used it before, and am a little scared to use it because of the mixing chemicals thing, but I think it would be a great product to play with. I guess if I win, I will have the chance to play with it. The books look awesome too.

  97. jennylynn says:

    I am dying to try Ice Resin and I would love to have those books!

  98. Jeansah says:

    Intrigued but intimidated by the ice resin! Wanting to “melt” my fears 🙂

    Thanks to Ricë for posting about your website.

  99. siragwatkins says:

    I’ve been drooling at “making Connections” for awhile, and I’d love to try ice resin &, especially, Jen’s tips–Our house is very cld and my last batch of resin is still not totally solid weeks later. I’m looking for a way to either fix it or remove it & start over!

  100. chrissy4 says:

    Ice Resin, cold connections,mixed media art jewelry & making my own pendants – what a GREAT opportunity to try it all!!
    GREAT giveaway!

  101. SuellaP says:

    I am happy to use two part epoxy resin but am fearful of making silicone moulds to put the resin into.

    I’ve not been abel to find ICE resin in any of the UK craft suppliers as of yet. It also wasn’t in either the Joannes or the Michaels when I visited Seattle last week. I was really disappointed.

    When might it be available in the UK?


  102. kamiguen says:

    Have never tried resin but love the effects you can achieve. Would love to try combining this with textiles and see what I could come up with

  103. Allamej says:

    I love resin and I would love to try to bezel a photo with seed beads. Everything I have done with resin has been adored by all who have seen it. It is truly an amazing product 🙂

  104. robinm says:

    I’ve been afraid to try ICE Resin on paper. I know it will be super cool when I finally do tho!

  105. rozzjack says:

    I would like to try Ice Resin, but haven’t had the chance to yet. I can’t find it in stores. I’m curious about the drying process. How long does it take?

  106. RuthAnn says:

    Love Ice Resin and the awesome results it gives. I have tried 2 part resins before but had given up until I tried Ice superior in quality and outcome. I haven’t tried the silicone molds yet but would love to.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this great giveaway!
    Good Luck Everyone! RuthAnn

  107. Ona Dawson says:

    I’ve been wanting to try Ice resin on furniture tops to cover mixed media things I apply to table tops and dressers and anything that can’t out run me. If it’s furniture I will make it more wonderful. I did a hand painting on a small inset on a bathroom vanity and I wanted it to be intensified and protected but it was a customers so I need to try on something of my own.

  108. I have used resin and feel comfortable with it, however, I would like to make my own bezels using soldering techniques, but I have been intimidated to do so. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  109. Oh I am dying for both of those books!!! * Crosses fingers ,toes and eyes* Thanks so much!

  110. sherryscott says:

    I’ve never used ICE Resin. We will have a class on it on the Crafty Chica cruise and I’m looking forward to trying it.

  111. Jap1977 says:

    I have not tried it, but I have seen the results from others! would love to try it soon.

  112. asucarr says:

    i tried resin once in a workshop i attended, but have not used it again. i’d like to give it another go!

  113. Cindy C says:

    I want to try many creative projects with resins, as well as silicone molds.
    And would love any or both of those books!
    Thanks for the chance!

  114. starskye says:

    I love my Ice Resin but have been apprehensive about making my own molds for it. I’ve also thought about trying clay, just not sure about it.

  115. HJWestfall says:

    What a wonderful, generous giveaway! I have some of the ICE Resin at home, but I’m a bit afraid to use it… One day, though, one day 🙂

  116. trysh says:

    I tried resin once before….teaching a craft night at church – it was not the best experience, and put me off trying resin ever since. Was not this particular resin, and maybe that was the problem!

    This makes me want to try it again….!

  117. holgachic says:

    I have soo been wanting to try Ice Resin! Those packages look entirely too awesome!

  118. Deb says:

    I have had a quick play with some resin, but it was “under the supervision” of those who had used it before. lol I have heard good things about Ice Resin and now that I have some idea of how resin works, I would love to experiment more using it.

  119. mkaymac says:

    Ice resin is great and would love to win any of these prizes. I have tried Silicone molds once with bad results and been afraid to try again.

  120. M. Maw says:

    I cannot wait to try Ice Resin, but I can not find it! I’m on a waiting list (fingers crossed it happens soon!) But, I’m curious how will the Gulf Coast summer heat and humidity interfere with the processing? Maybe I’ll be one of the lucky ones to win the book and can find out! Good luck to all!!

  121. jenniferofthejungle says:

    I would love to win this awesome prize.

    I have always wanted to do things with resin, but was afraid of the smell making me sick, and also scared that it wouldn’t set properly due to the weather. This would be an awesome way to get into a craft I have kept away from.

  122. Jim says:

    I’ve never used Ice Resin. I would love to try combining it with polymer clay to see what effects I could come up with.

  123. burrumgirl says:

    Wow, what a great idea, using resin on paper, I am learning new things every day and would love to try this technique. I used resin when I did ceramics, but would never have thought to use it on paper. I had a quick look at the gallery using the product and was blown away by the variety of work. Great stuff, I hope I win. lol Kind regards, Lesley.

  124. kristiwodek says:

    I know the potential for ice resin is limitless and would LOVE to explore more with these goodies! HUGE fan of Susan Lenart Kazmer (Rice’s podcast in Paris was the best!) and have played with Ice Resin a bit. My fingers are crossed. Thanks for the opportunity!

  125. nytrans says:

    I’m dying to try resin in jewelry, and have also heard about glass clay that I would love to try sometime for mixed media projects.

  126. Ellejaye says:

    I am just loving the world of mixed media, resin, found objects etc etc. My creativity has got such a boost from this whole genre. Just so inspired by your work

  127. lindacreates says:

    I have used ice resin once and taken a class with Susan several years ago. What a thrill! I would love the opportunity to win these products and really give it a fair chance. The two small projects I did turned out very well, clear and domed!

  128. artsyrockerchick says:

    I’m actually terrified of resin. I used it twice and got some in my hair. It was a mess, but I’d like to try again!

  129. imancgal says:

    I’ve always been intrigued by but nervous to try resin – this would definitely give me the chance I need to just go for it!

  130. artfulhands says:

    Ive been wanting to try ice resin and soldering work for a few years now and hope to soon.

  131. tamra says:

    I’ve been a fan of ICE resin for some time now, and it is truly one of the best resins out there! I would love to learn how to use epoxy clay to make interesting and unusual bezels to hold my resin.

  132. Elizabeth says:

    I adore Ice Resin and have been lusting after both books!! How generous of you all to have such a fab giveaway. I ahve had mixed results using resin with fabric so I am anxious to perfect that process and need a few tips- I will carrry on!!!

  133. Arteest says:

    I love multi-media art and would love to do more. I have been apprehensive about using resins, even bought some 2-part kind a while ago and still waiting to use it. No fear, just the unknown about it. I want to do so many art projects, that I put the unknown to the side often and never get back to it. I’m so intrigued by what you can do with it and am always researching artists who work with it. I’d be very happy to have printed material like the books offered to inspire myself to jump in and “Just Do It” (giving note to Nike for the quote!). I’d love to win and add to my art knowledge with your help. Thanks for the opportunity.

  134. Carole RB says:

    I’m very new to mixed media so I’m afraid to use everything. Ice resin would be a good start if I can find it over here (witch I doubt). Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  135. squidgal says:

    Ice looks like a cool product.

  136. Karin says:

    I have been curious and clueless when it comes to working with resin! This starter kit would be the perfect way to jump start me into action – I love the idea of resin pages for hand made books…

  137. patlangley says:

    I have been wanting to try resin for awhile, however have never dug in. Looks exciting!

  138. faybees says:

    I would love to try resin but for whatever reason it scares me. This would enable me to try it and see what it is all about. Thanks so much for the chance

  139. Jingle says:

    Resin is something I have been afraid of! It seems quite complicated. Also, many gel medium techniques scare me! LOL!

  140. alteredbyme says:

    I am very curious about the ICE resin. I’ve never used a resin before but have read about how wonderful the ICE resin is

  141. Mary Nasser says:

    I am curious about resin but have always been afraid to try it, too!

  142. bockel24 says:

    I´ve seen Ice Resin in a Youtube video but wouldn´t dare to purchase it, so I´d love to win for a chance to try it!

  143. jcmmbrown says:

    i’ve tried resin, but had trouble with air bubbles and some cloudiness, so shied away from it for awhile. a friend had me try ICE resin, with beautiful results, but i still have not attempted using the various molds that could be fun to experiment with… the possibilities could be endless!

  144. cyndali says:

    Ice Resin is a product I have never tried, I have worked with other resins. I have also been wanting to try a product called Apoxie Clay…I have seen some cool art created with this 2 part self hardening clay.

  145. KittyKwilter says:

    I’ve wanted to try the Ice Resin but have been a bit nervous about it. I love Susan Lenart Kazmer’s book. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  146. mmdm says:

    I have to admit I’m intimidated by the Ice Resin, or any resin that has to be mixed. I’ve heard that if you don’t mix it exactly right it will never harden. I’d really like to try it though, with some guidance.

  147. Darla says:

    I’ve seen ice resin but never used it – would love to give it a try.


  148. Canace says:

    Resinate sounds like an exciting and fun book to experiment with resin.

    I’m totally intrigued by ice resin as I have never tried it but I hear it’s crystal clear and lovely to use.

  149. colleengilgenbach says:

    I would love to try ICE and encaustics

  150. Patty C says:

    I’ve never worked with ICE resin and would enjoy the opportunity! Your prizes are delectable. Thanks for this opportunity.

  151. dkibbee says:

    I have never tried resin, hmmm I wonder why not? I would love to try it out, and winning some would be perfect. I’m sure I will love it and have to add it to my gigantic list of addictions 🙂 Thanx for offering this opportunity

  152. Amanda says:

    The books look great! I have got some cool ideas about making moulds but have yet to take the step. Not used the ice resin and would be some great techniques to learn.

  153. Nancy says:

    I love the look of things made with resin and would like to give it a try. I’ve been reluctant though. I guess I’m just not confident that I’ll be able to come up with a cool creation. I love the things you guys make though.

  154. enchanted25 says:

    Great giveaway! Have been hesitant, but would love to try resin to make found object elements for mixed media creations.

  155. dianne1530 says:

    I have never heard of ICE resin, but know alot of artists who work with resin. I have been wanting to try it myself. Thanks for the chance.

  156. Pam T says:

    I have some ICE resin but for some reason I haven’t opened it yet. Just looking for the right project, I guess!

  157. goannafive says:

    OMG that would be amazing to win anything…you can but try :o).I love using ICE resin but I fear making cold connections…I do try but I’m just not sure I am doing them right and think I could do more if only I knew how.I’d love to learn casting with ICE resin too.

  158. Rosie says:

    I’m a bit worried about trying resin – what if I measure it wrong, or take too long pouring? What happens if I don’t leave it long enough to cure? Those things worry me… =)

  159. nelsonfamsix says:

    I would love to try the new ICE resin
    thanks for such a great giveaway

  160. priputin says:

    the resin itself is what I’m afraid to try… after the multiple episodes with epoxy, I am nervous!!

  161. Kimberlyncreations says:

    I have never done soldering. I think it has a lot of potential applications for the things I like to do.
    Something about controlling liquid metal scares me! Maybe it’s the fact I undoubtedly will burn myself. ; )

  162. judy says:

    I have never tried playing with resin and would love to know how. Want a fantastic giveaway, someone will be very lucky!

  163. Barb Moore says:

    Wow what a giveaway! I was just reading about ice resin and wanting to give it a try. It would be fantastic to win such a prize!

  164. gmama3 says:

    I am interested in using resin in jewelry both as a surface treatment and casting in molds, but have been afraid to invest in yet another medium. I recently read about ICE resin and it looks like an east product to use for small applications. I am also quite intrigued by encaustics and plan to give that a try soon as well.

  165. francine says:

    I am very curious to try this type of resin, I have seen so many different kinds, but this one looks much more user friendly!

  166. CherylBM says:

    I have never used ICE resin. I have tried a couple of other brands but always had disappointing results, so that scared me off. I have seen things created with ICE resin – almost in disbelief….but I am really curious. Would love to win these prizes and give it a shot. Thanks for the opportunity!

  167. BetsyL says:

    Would love to try this.

  168. artistcellar says:

    I’ve always been a little afraid to use resin. I guess I’m scared I’ll glue my fingers together or something! Plus, I always thought they smelled bad… although I hear that some of the new ones aren’t toxic or bad smelling.

  169. saschafrow says:

    I have played with ICE resin a little and see amazing possibilities for its use, but feel a bit afraid to experiment imbedding found objects in it. I am always afraid/concerned that if I mix it wrong I can ruin a piece. Is there a way to correct a batch that is not mixed correctly and won’t dry?

  170. lisartist says:

    I haven’t tried the resin yet, but would love to experiment with it!

  171. judithb says:

    I’ve heard so much about Ice Resin but haven’t yet tried it, although I have tried a couple of other types. I’m really interested in making pendants using resin, so of course I’d love to win this giveaway!

  172. moonwild says:

    I have been wanting to try resin! looks like a great medium for a collage and assemblage artist!
    Laurie Dorrell

  173. lssphx says:

    Would love to try out the Ice Resin, along with having the book for inspiration.

  174. JudiW says:

    I would love to try this technique and it’s the resin that makes me hesitate. But I’d love to learn how to do this.

  175. mixedmediagal says:

    I have never worked with ICE resin but it sounds intriguing. What a great giveaway. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win these awesome books etc.

  176. DonnaEmm says:

    I would really like to try Ice Resin on small fall leaves. Since I have moved to Florida I do miss those beautiful hues of red and yellow. I wonder if this would preserve the color (and how much it would be to get a good friend collect some to ship it to me).

  177. robertaruark says:

    I would love to work with resin. I have been wondering how to go about using it – it seems complicated. I want to make beautiful pendants. Thanks for the giveaway!

  178. Saranne says:

    Well I have never tried resin so I think that would be fun and I also would love to try encaustic wax….Thanks for the give aways.

  179. donnajoy says:

    Very curious to try the ice resin-love the art i’ve seen done with it. Also getting the bug to try my hand with wax~so many choices out there!

  180. amber heagerty says:

    Ice resin sounds like so much fun to try…never tried a resin of any kind before, just a little shy I guess.
    Very exciting!

  181. shalwitz says:

    I’ve tried resin a few times. All is need is some encouragement and guidance and I’d be ready to dive right in.

  182. tracijohnson says:

    I have so many ideas for using resin in my mixed media artwork…on papers, leaves, and possibly fabric. The ideas keep tossing around in my head but I haven’t had the courage to take the plunge yet. This would be a great opportunity to dive in! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  183. dancintothebead says:

    Both Jen’s and Susan’s books would get a workout at my house. I do use resin, have had good results with several products. Have thought I’d try ICE when the need arises.

  184. cmccloud says:

    I have been dying to try the ICE resin. The pieces I’ve seen made with it are fabulous!

  185. parudy says:

    Oh my gosh! I have wanted to try Ice Resin forever & a day, but a little nervous about it. Where do I begin?
    Is it as easy to use as they say? So please enter me in this “perfect opportunity” give-away. Thanks Tonia!

  186. chuckndi says:

    I have been wanting to use resin for a long time and haven’t gotten to it. This would be a wonderful opportunity.

  187. anghelrox says:

    I was wondering how to use plexiglas or plastic sheets to make jewelry…


  188. kelliechristie says:

    I have wanted to use resin for about 12 years and just started a few months ago. I would like to tackle techniques with resin like doming resin and more experiments with embedding.


  189. dorit says:

    I am very curious about resin and the possibilities of using it in mixed media.Also anything metal is on my list to explore!
    This book looks promising!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  190. shawn says:

    I love the way this looks! I’ve never tried resin before but it looks like fun! It’d be great to win!!!

  191. I’ve wanted to try ICE Resin for a long time. Saw it at Stampaway in Ohio, had it in my hand…put it back. Don’t know why I’m scared to try this? I even have a wonderful class waiting for me to begin with Wyanne on Resin 😉 I reallllly want to try this Ice Resin!!

  192. I’m pretty jazzed about Ice Resin myself. I tried making some soldered glass pendants as a way to create wearable versions of my paintings. They are a little tedious. I’d love to give the Ice Resin a try and see if that is a better solution for the way I work.

  193. Sue in Melbourne says:

    Fantastic giveaway! I’d love to learn more abou connections – they alwats seem so daunting the first time you try something new, so some guidance would be great. and of course the resin would be so much fun!


  194. yrdavis says:


    I have made resin paper but haven’t tried to make resin filled bezels. I am a perfectionist and worry about bubbles etc. Though from what I have seen and heard Ice Resin is pretty good and that isn’t much of an issues.

  195. Cristiana says:

    Thanks for this giveaway, here in Italy we have not this kind of resin so I didn’t try it yet. It would be lovely to experience but I’m also a bit scared because so far from my “usual” way to create.

  196. cathy ward says:

    I ordered Ice Resin 7 months ago and have not opened it! Several years ago I took a resin class with Susan LK as well as I have her first book….so why am I still afraid? Maybe two more books would help! : ) What a great giveaway!

  197. caziz says:

    I have some Ice Resin but have been afraisd to try, maybe now is the time, another product I would like to use but have been putting off is ecaustic wax.

  198. bonitarose says:

    Would love to win this. i am very curious about using ICE RESIN.. hv heard of it.. but never ever done anything like this, I’m willing to try!

  199. ginger henkel says:

    fun! I love learning and playing with new toys

  200. Pick Me! Pick Me! I have used other resins, and have had mixed results…I love making jewelry using old photos and art.

  201. charleneanderson says:

    I’m fascinated and would love to win this so I can play this Spring!

  202. elle says:

    I’ve not tried this technique at all and would luv to give it a whirl!

  203. Lisa says:

    I almost bought some Ice Resin because I’m so curious about it and have many ideas for it’s use in my mixed media art, jewelry, assemblage, etc. However, I was concerned about the learning curve and the cost of the resin. Being able to try a free sample would let me just go for it and not worry about making “costly” mistakes!

  204. Empress Magnificent says:

    Hello, I’ve never tryed working with resin, but would love to. I see so many projects I know I’d love to try if only I had the supplies !!!!

  205. bacoulter says:

    I’ve tried resins but not the Ice Resin brand. I did purchase some but I waiting on the appropriate piece. I would also love to try encaustics.

  206. caritaoksa says:

    Hi! I’m curious about resin products but unfortunately we don’t have that kind of material (like Ice Resin) here in Finland. So I now hope I win and get to test Ice Resin.

  207. Dayna Loves Art says:

    I’m always game to try new things and using resin is one of those things I would like to give a whirl. Fear? You betcha. Either of these two prizes would get me going.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  208. svrska says:

    Love the book and would love to try resin!!!

  209. scardycat says:

    Years ago my folks used to make resin grape lamps making round resin spheres they made with the use of molds, I was not allowed to touch because I was told I would spill on mysetf. NOW I am grown-up and would love to play with Jen’s ICE RESIN and I promise not to spill. I would love to win both her books also. My husband has just completed my Mom Cave and I have just the place to sit and read the books!

  210. Robin says:

    Ever since the 60’s I’ve been an admirer of resin art yet scared to try it for myself! I love the unique possibilities that Ice Resin seems to offer! Do you think that after 40+ years I could possibly lose my fear of it? Hoping So!!! <3

  211. lindasf says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway…Jen’s new book looks amazing! I’d love to try making resin paper to use in small jewelry and altered art projects.

  212. Denise P says:

    I have purchased some ice resin but have not tryed it yet. I have been using envirotec resin and have had good results. I am hearing the ice resin will never yellow and sets up quicker. I would love a copy of Jens book so I can learn all the tricks for using the new Ice Resin.

  213. Katie Holmes says:

    I actually HAVE been curious about resin! I love the idea of WEARING my art…but have been a little chicken to try it. 🙂 What a fantastic giveaway!

  214. CecileNichols says:

    Wow, an opportunity to win this book! Amazing! I was just trying to learn more about Ice Resin when I ran across this great opportunity. I’ve taken one class for resin, but it wasn’t Ice Resin, which I’ve heard is fantastic. This is what interests me and I’d love to learn more.

    Thanks for the chance!


  215. jessbell says:

    I came across this book from a Stampington email I receive and immediately wanted to get it to help me better my resin skills. Plus, I really like Jen and the whole Objects and Elements team as a whole. Thanks for the opportunity to help us further our creative abiliity. 🙂

  216. AMahler says:

    Being the total “trend laggard” that I am, I’m just itching to try the ice resin now… A few years after I read about it! LOL!