iPhoneography Apps Tutorial: Study of a Rose

Faded Love

Using iPhoneography apps: Camera Bag 2, Jazz, TouchReTouch, and Snapseed

A guest post by David Hayes

This summer it seems I’ve been drawn to working in my studio doing studies of different flowers. In this article I’m using a standard florist’s rose as my subject and applied the apps Camera Bag 2, Jazz, TouchReTouch and Snapseed.



My source image was taken in my studio using fairly direct lighting and a white background. This has given me a straightforward image with lots of potential.


Opening in Camera Bag 2, I first clicked on the Frame icon (A) and once this menu opened, I clicked on Crop (B).


Using the crop lines, I pulled in close to sides of the rose wanting to make sure that the rose was touching all four sides of my “canvas”. Click OK when done.


Next, I clicked on the Effects icon (A) to bring up Camera Bag’s filters. In this menu I picked “Blackout B&W”. (B) The results are somewhat interesting but I knew that with a little adjusting of the Exposure I’d get what I needed.


Clicking on the Adjustment icon (A), I then clicked on “Exposure” (B).


This I adjusted using the slider bar, bringing back the details of the rose while maintaining the monochrome effect I wanted.


One last step in Camera Bag. I went back to Frames (A) and this time I used “Square” just to make sure I had a square image.


Click on the Share icon (A), Save Photo (B), and then the Save Size (C). I normally chose “Full”. This will save your image to your Camera Roll.


Here’s the image so far. Time to move on to Jazz!


Jazz is one of those great apps that give you the option to randomize its filters and settings by clicking on the Cleft note icon…and you can continually do this until you find a mix you like.


Or you can click on one of the versions, which will bring up Jazz’s menu where you can do your own fine-tuning. This is what I do! I’ve already gone through and selected all the settings I wanted to create the image you see in this screen shot. And…rather than go through each one separately, I’m just going to give you my “recipe”. Keeps things simpler.

In this screen shot…Film Treatment: Sunlight Faded @ 100%


Color: Saturation @ -77; Skin Tones @ -29; Blues @ 45; Greens @ 38

Tint: Amount @71; Hue @ 359

Sepia: @ 23


Sharpen: @ 62

Vignette: @ 37; Radius @ 61


Light Leakage: Amount @37; Old School 2; Offset @ 74; Hue @ 351

And that finishes up Jazz.


Click on the Share icon and the Full Size version to save to your Camera Roll.


This is what we have so far. Just a couple of more steps to finish up.


I do not love the light leaks in the left corner, or the one in the bottom right corner. I also see a couple of spots on the rose that I find distracting. So, I’ve opened the image in TouchReTouch to take care of all of these!


I clicked on the brush selection icon and with this activated, I painted over the areas I want to remove.


One click on the “Go” icon puts TouchReTouch to work…and everything disappears. Love this app!


Now…my favorite “finishing” app…Snapseed. Going to “Tune Image” to do a little fine tuning.


I first did a little tweaking on Brightness followed up with a slight touch of Saturation as you can see in this screen shot.


After clicking on Apply, I then went to the Drama filters.


While I normally don’t use “Bright 1,” this time it seemed to give my image what it needed. A little adjusting of the Filter Strength.


Followed by adjustment on Saturation finishes the image! Click on Apply, then the Save icon.


Here’s the finished result! Faded Love.


As always, I hope you found this article to be informative. Please don’t be shy with your questions and comments…I love hearing from you!

David Hayes is a photographer, mixed-media artist, painter and explorer of life. Visit his blog at clearerreflections.com.

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