A Winter Snow Globe Scene: an iPhoneography Tutorial

Alone, A Winter Snow Globe Scene

A guest post by David Hayes using the iPhoneography apps Handy Photo, PaintFX, Mextures and Snapseed



There’s this tree that I see everyday…sometimes twice a day…when I take my Brittany for her “ambles” in the park. It stands by itself…my dog and I say hello to it as we pass. In itself it’s not what I would call a spectacular tree…except when we have a snowfall as we did several weeks ago. For some reason the tree seemed to call out to me that morning to take note of its majesty…I did and my image Alone was born.



I can get pretty nit-picky about what I call “distracters” in an image so I make ready use of the app Handy Photo to remove anything that I feel would take away from the image. You can see in this screen shot where I’ve painted areas that I want to remove…light poles, fences, buildings, etc.



A quick click and all those distracters are gone! If you look close at this screen shot you’ll see areas where the removal was a bit rough and if this was all I was going to do to the image I’d spend some time polishing these spots using some of the app’s other tools. I didn’t do as I knew PaintFX would help hide these areas!



Next I used a trick that I have discussed in other articles to make my background “drop back” all the more and make the tree the focal point all the more so. I went to Paint FX’s “Enhance” tool, “Blur” and applied this to the entire back areas.



I must say I was quite pleased with how this step turned out…blurring the background has made the tree all that more important and mysterious!



Time to move the image into Mextures. I’ve use this app quite a bit…but there are times when I go with the filters I know…



For the first layer… the ”Landscape Enhance” group!



“Ice Sunrise” seemed appropriate for this image…



…with a blend mode of “Multiply” @ 51%.



Second layer…the “Emulsion” group.



“Stonewall” to make it more mysterious…



…this time a blend mode of “Screen” @ 100% did the trick.



Third and final layer…the “Grit and Grain” group.



You should have seen this one coming…”Blizzard” was the natural pick!!



Again I used the “Screen” blend mode @100%.



Looking good so far but I need to run it through my fave workhorse, Snapseed for a bit of final polish.



Looking at the image, I felt it needed a bit of cropping to tighten it up…so I did!



One last tweaking in “Tune Image” where I made small adjustments to the image’s Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation to finish up!



Here is Alone. Mysterious, majestic, and wintery!

David Hayes is a photographer, mixed-media artist, painter and explorer of life. Visit his blog at clearerreflections.com.

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