iPhoneography Tutorial: Is It Really Spring?

An iPhoneography Tutorial by David Hayes

While the calendar may read April and baseball has had its “Opening Days”, the weather outside is still being a bit of a tease! The days are sunny but quite cool still…the nights dipping below freezing. Warmer weather seems so far away…

I put this quick tutorial together using two of my favorite apps, FX Photo Studio and Snapseed. Not many steps to this one…but one doesn’t have to always “over-app” an image!


Let’s start with my source image…a forlorn bird’s nest in the upper branches of a tree in my front yard. Lots of promise in the sky…even if it’s a cold day!


Cutting to the chase, I opened FX Photo Studio and downloaded my source image. Clicking on the “Categories” tap at the top right control panel, I decided to convert the image to black and white to create a base layer to build upon. So…I picked “B & W Magazine” to give me a nice graphic look.


I adjusted the contrast (A) of the image, knocking out some of the details, but gaining some strong lights and dark. Clicking on “Apply” (B) puts this filter into place and I can move on to the next step.


To add my first color layer, I went to the “Cross Processed” category and here picked “Lauderdale”. (A) Adjusting the amount (B) to make the greens in the top of the sky pop out, I then clicked on “Apply” (C).


One more color layer…this time in the “Groovy Lo-Fi” category. “Bilbao” (A) is this filter’s name…and I just love the effect!! Adjusting amount (B), then clicking Apply (C) finishes my time in FX Photo Studio. Time to move to Snapseed!


Here’s a look at the image so far. Not bad…but more to come!!


Snapseed time! I’ve downloaded the image and am ready to put it to work. I want to use one of the filters in the “Vintage Films” group, so I click on this tab.


Once in this group, I picked “Style 5” to put a dark blue overlay on the image.


Adjusting the Brightness…darkening the image a touch…


…and a boost of Saturation (A) to finish up!! Click on Apply (B) to put all of this into place.


While I didn’t show this, I then saved the image. And here’s the final!! Now if the weather would only warm up…

David Hayes is a photographer, mixed-media artist, painter and explorer of life. Visit his blog at clearerreflections.com.

Z3940_DigitalExpressions_smFor more about digitally altering your art, check out Digital Expressions by Susan Tuttle.





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