Make ‘n Give

I know many creative types create just to create and don’t always have a particular motive behind making what it is they make. I get the most satisfaction out of making something when I know from the get-go it’s going to be given away to someone. Sometimes this means to someone I know, but not always. Or sometimes I know something I’m making will, at the least, go to one member of specific group. Once in a while I do make something for myself, which can be fun as well, but I really get more jazzed about making to give away.

Recently, I created a wallet for my boyfriend because he had mentioned he wanted one that was thinner than the one he currently had. I knew I could accomplish this for him by using a Mylar coffee bag, so I was happy to have a project. I made the wallet using a bag from a company I’ve recently been enamored with—loving the graphics on the bag, the coffee the company makes and the employment/job training/acceptance they offer people in need of a second chance.

I was happy with how the wallet came out, and decided it would be fun to share a pic of it on the company’s Facebook page—expressing how they had inspired me. A few days later I got an email from someone there (they had my email on file from having placed orders there before) telling me he liked the wallet and asking if I’d like to make one for him, in exchange for some coffee. (!)

Now I’m not implying that every time you make something for someone it will lead to a free pound of coffee, but I guess I just love the fact that there are endless possibilities open to you when you open yourself to others. Share your talents and see what ends up being shared with you.


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