Marketing for Artists, Part 7: Blogs for Art Voyeurs

A Guest Post by Victoria Rose Martin

Are you a voyeur?  I have a confession, I am. When I take an evening walk and a neighbor’s curtain is open I have to look. I am really a horrible snoop. Honestly, I do my best to be discreet as my eyes scan for things like wall colors, architectural detail, and the kind of art they have on their walls. For me it’s like watching HGTV in real life.

Where women create

Summer 2013 Where Women Create

Are you the same? Really, I don’t believe I am alone; a lot of us have an innate love of seeing what others are doing. Take into consideration the magazine Where Women Create it provides the viewer with an intimate view into a variety of fantastic art studios.

Where women create

Cover of Where Women Create magazine

And let’s face it; a vast majority of reality shows are simply people just living their lives. Actually, most of the people I see in reality shows make me wonder why and how they got the job.

Now I have a question for you, if there is an artist you respect why do you visit their blog? What brings you back? It’s great to check out a new body of work but usually it’s more than that. Probably it’s partly because you love seeing into that person’s life. Personally I love seeing other artist’s studios, where they go for walks, their pets, travels, and other random day-to-day activities.  Like I said, I am a voyeur.


View of my work on studio table

There are a handful of blogs that I enjoy visiting now and then. And honestly, I don’t follow any one blog. Instead I bookmark them in my browser and come back later when I feel like it, and that’s probably a really big marketing mistake on my part because a huge part of marketing yourself is networking. If you silently fly under the radar, nobody knows who you are.

Here are five suggestions to help improve your blog.

1.     Post often. Not every 10 minutes but like a garden your blog will grow with proper attention. And if you don’t know what to say simply post a pretty picture or two with a few words. No need to write a novel, keep it short and sweet. No new artwork to show, that’s okay instead show us what color your studio walls are or your favorite paint brushes. Please, I’ve already told you I am a snoop.

2.     Be yourself. Tell us what makes you happy, write about it and show us really nice photos. Write about what you know if you do that you can’t go wrong.


Glazing Figure

3.     Be sure to use links in your post. Firstly, on your social media and second if you mention a gallery, museum, magazine or other artist link back to their web site. And if you’re going to write about an artist tell them. Who doesn’t like praise and adoration? They might mention your blog on their social media.

4.      See something you like on another person’s blog? For goodness sakes tell them. Commenting on another blog can be great networking. Like I said earlier, who doesn’t like praise or recognition, it also gets your name out there, and can eventually establish you as an expert.

5.    Define your goals. What is the purpose of your blog? If it’s promoting your business then keep it business related. Be clear and your audience will know what to expect.

Martin Victoria Rose 160Victoria Rose Martin is an artist and designer currently living in South Florida. She is the Department Chair for Fine Art and Graphic Design at Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth, Florida. You can visit her website at:







Picture 4For more guidance about marketing for artists, try Margaret Peot’s book, The Successful Artist’s Career Guide.




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