Mixed Media Alchemy: A New Year with New Beginnings

A New Guest Post by Mixed Media Artist, Lisa L. Cyr

As 2012 winds down, I began to contemplate about my plans and goals for the new year. In preparation, I went on a cleaning spree, going through my entire studio. I purged the things that I no longer use, need or want to do. It was quite liberating! I found things that I had forgotten about and was able to restructure and reorganize so that I have a better system in place. In addition, I am in the midst of redesigning the studio. Yes, I am in total makeover mode! The new design is going to be inspired by Professor Dumbledore’s office. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you know just the look I’m going for. There will also be a bit of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings influence as well. Since all great fantasy, world-building novels begin with a map, I’m thinking about using wallpaper of vintage maps to dress the walls. I am also on the hunt for an Art Nouveau spiral staircase that I can patina and use as a bookshelf for all my great art books and fantasy novels. In regards to decorative accents, I am utilizing lots of my treasured found objects, including a very cool door knocker on the entrance of the studio. Since this is going to be a long and involved project, I am open to any ideas and suggestions you may have that fit with my scheme.

In addition to the studio cleanup and makeover, I have also begun to contemplate on the direction of my work, developing ideas about where I would like to go in the years to come. It is very important every year to think about your work as a whole and the direction it is moving. For me, this meant developing a brand new website,  cyrstudio.com and adding a boutique that would offer merchandise such as journals, cards, smartphone cases, skins and other such products featuring my work. I also have some video ideas in the works so stay tuned.

The 2013 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market: The Most Trusted Guide to Selling Your Art is full of great ideas when it comes to marketing and self-promotion. It is worth checking out. Editor Mary Bostic shares, “It is the must-have reference guide for any artist who wants to establish or expand a career in fine art, illustration or graphic design. Each annual edition is updated to include the most current contact and submission information for thousands of listings, including greeting card companies, magazine and book publishers, galleries, art fairs, ad agencies and more.”

There is a really great interview on me written by Neely McLaughlin called Embrace Inspiration in the book. It talks about the journey of an artist, inspiration and imagination, art and culture and promoting your creative work in the 21st century! You can read the entire interview here.

I highly encourage you to take the time in the next few weeks to think about your own work. Are you happy with the direction you are moving in? Can you make some changes that will breathe new life into your process and approach? Is there something that you always wanted to try but have not yet done? These are just some of the questions that you should ask yourself. Your responses may shed light on ways in which to improve your creative life and artistic career. To help get your creative engines turning, I’ve included a video which discusses working in an exploratory mixed-media process, finding sources of inspiration, using altered, repurposed and custom tools for signature mark-making and utilizing alternative surfaces and materials. It also covers conceptual ideation and the development of personal content. Check it out!

If you are interested in learning more, you may want to attend my ONLINE mixed-media workshop this coming January with the Artists Network University. It is called WITHIN THE LAYERS: Inspirational Mixed-Media Techniques. This online workshop investigates exploratory methodologies, techniques and approaches in mixed-media art. Throughout the workshop, exciting in-depth demonstrations will be shown, providing an extensive array of visually-stimulating possibilities for artists to explore. Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques are covered. For artists that are looking to push their work to a new level, this workshop will be a valuable resource and an ongoing source for creative inspiration.

Painting Surface

Texturing Surface

Course registration comes with a digital download of Experimental Painting.

The online class starts Jan 15, 2013 and for 4 weeks I will be your mixed-media coach!

You can register here  Register here.

Have a Creative New Year!!!


copyright 2012 Lisa L. Cyr, Cyr Studio LLC www.cyrstudio.com

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