Mixed Media Alchemy: A Video Demonstration by Lisa Cyr

Voyage to Michaelania: Mixed Media Techniques for Painting

This three-part, step-by-step video series discusses working in an exploratory mixed-media process, finding sources of inspiration, using altered, repurposed and custom tools for signature mark-making and utilizing alternative surfaces and materials. It also covers conceptual ideation and the development of personal content.
mixed media techniques

"Voyage to Michaelania"
16” x 20” x 2”
acrylic, oil, collage & assemblage on
clay board panel with wooden framework

In Part One, I explore several mixed media techniques, including texturing the working ground, employing ink transfers, transparent and opaque painting and monoprinting. Part Two covers topics such as creating multidimensional accents, using die-cut and debossed paper, infusing pattern and texture, employing a patina, dry brushing and sponging. Part Three finalizes the painting with mixed-media techniques such as sgraffito, spattering, custom debossing using a handmade stamp, altering hardware and adding a patina to vintage assemblage accents. If you are interested in learning more, this step-by-step demonstration and others are featured in my latest mixed-media book called Experimental Painting.           I look forward to seeing your mixed-media inspired work! copyright 2012 Lisa L. Cyr, Cyr Studio LLC www.cyrstudio.com MORE RESOURCES FOR MIXED MEDIA ARTISTS * Find great books, DVDs, downloads & more for mixed media artists! * Sign up for your FREE email newsletter for great tips, projects & more… * Download free mixed media desktop wallpapers!  

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