Moments: An iPhoneography Apps Tutorial

A guest post by David Hayes, our resident iPhoneography Apps Tutorial expert

A painterly winter scene using PS Express, Waterlogue, Image Blender, and Snapseed

This winter has presented an overabundance of winter scenes to work with…too many actually. Going through the images accumulated in my Camera Roll I came upon one I shot during the beginnings of a snowstorm at a park near where I live. Rather than delete it I decided to see if I could do something with it a bit different.



Here’s the source image, opened in PS Express. I find this is a good app to use to do basic edits like cropping, adjusting exposure and the like.


First thing I wanted to do was crop in tight into a particular part of this scene…so I clicked on the crop icon (A) and then set the aspect ratio (B) to 1:1.



With that done, I used the “Vibrant” filter that comes with this app. Click on the three circle icon (A) and then “Vibrant” (B).  This help pop out a lot of the background details.



All done with this app, I saved this version to my Camera Roll.



Next up…Waterlogue! This app some great watercolor effects that I wanted to put to use for “Moments”.  When you open an image in Waterlogue, the default filter “Natural” comes up.



I needed something else for what I had in mind so I tried out a couple different filters before settling on “Bold”. I was a bit surprised by the purples and reds that appeared…but that’s all in the fun of using these apps!



Waterlogue also defaults to a “Border”…which I didn’t want. So…I scrolled the tool bar to the right…and clicked on ‘No Border” (A). The app then gave me a preview screen (B), which I clicked on to activate this choice.

Painted in Waterlogue

Finished with Waterlogue, I saved this version to my Camera Roll.



All right…time to use my “magic app”…Image Blender to put the two versions together! After opening Blender I first loaded the first version as my background (A). I then loaded the Waterlogue version as the foreground. (B). I did this as I wanted to keep the watercolor painting look but put back some of the details from the enhanced source image.



Time to put Blender to work! Clicking on the Blend icon (A), I tried out several different modes before settling on “Color Dodge”. (B) Using the slider at the bottom of the screen (C) I adjusted the opacity level to what you see.



I saved to my Camera Roll…and then reopened the image to give it a study…and decided it needed a touch of my best friend, Snapseed!



Nothing like Snapseed’s “Tune Image” to give an image what it needs!



And this time…all it needed was a bit of “Brightness” adjustment…as you can see in this screen shot. Sometimes a little is all that’s necessary!!



Saved this to my Camera Roll…and it’s done. My goal was to create a dreamy painterly look with this scene…and I think I’ve done it!

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