Notes by Christen: What We’re Looking For

From past posts on this site, you know that we receive hundreds of submissions each week. Of course people want to know with so much to choose from, how we actually choose things. What catches our eyes differs for each publication, but here’s what our artwork selection committee is looking for when planning out issues of Somerset Studio.

  • Responses to the theme challenge: Each issue of Somerset Studio is planned around a theme. Each year we use the same three themes (a color, Halloween, and the Holidays) but with variations on each theme. Past popular themes have included Fearless, The Classics, and Alice in Wonderland. We’re always looking for theme ideas that will resonate with our readers, so if you have any suggestions, we welcome them!
  • Interesting color palettes: The return of color to mixed media, has been exciting to watch. We love when people put together colors we may never have considered ourselves.
  • Technique articles: We get most excited when we see a great technique come our way. Whether it’s a recently discovered technique, or a new take on an old classic, being mixed-media artists ourselves, techniques make us giddy. And here’s something we haven’t shared nearly enough: We don’t always need a finished piece. Say you found a cool way to bleach paper; you can just send us strips of that paper. We love being able to provide our readers with artistic building blocks that they can build on.
  • Beautiful lettering projects: This is something we simply can’t get enough of. There’s something about lettering that appeals to so many. We are always looking for Exemplars or other unique lettering projects.
  • Interesting stories: The stories behind artwork can be so powerful that they need to be shared. Did a piece of work take you on a creative journey? Did you set out to make one thing, and have it turn into something completely new? We love hearing this, so send them our way. We’re also always looking for stories of artistic journeys. Did you spend the summer in France, painting and playing, and have great photos of the experience? We want those too!

This brief list just touches the surface of what we’re looking for. The bottom line is, if you think you’ve created something that we just need to see, send it to us. With 30+ publications, if it’s not a fit for Somerset Studio, it may be perfect for another one of our magazines.

Still want to know more? Email us!

Christen Olivarez is Director of Publishing for Stampington & Company and Editor-in-Chief of Somerset Studio, the top-ranked magazine for mixed-media and paper artists. Her blog posts appear on every other Tuesday.

Get more inside scoop into the world of Stampington submissions in this blog post by Ricë Freeman-Zachery.


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