Studio Snacks 4: Barb the Closet Crafter

This month’s artist takes “Closet Crafter” to a whole new level!

 By Sandy Buffie and Jamie Birch

Our friend, Barb, had the same problem many of us do: so many beads, so little space! As a jewelry artist, she needs quick and easy access to lots of tiny findings as well as total visual access to her remarkable collection of beads. Haven’t we all found out that we typically don’t use what we can’t see?

One look at Barb’s beautiful jewelry shows you how much care and attention she takes to coordinating colors and textures, so she needed to have everything very close at hand. Her original studio space was large and very spread out with several tabletops being utilized. However, she often found herself working on a single table in a 12” x 12” space. She needed to make a change and change the perception of what a closet crafter might really mean!

Her brainstorm? Clean out the closet and buy Pegboard and golf tees! How great is that?! Look closely; all those beads are hanging on golf tees that she has installed in the holes of the pegboard. I know . . . why didn’t we think of that? Without spending a lot of money or using a lot of space, Barb has created a perfect studio for her creative process.  She has everything she needs close at hand and can close the door if it gets messy. (Although I have a feeling that Barb never gets messy!)





Barb is known for her amazing crab dip, which is delicious and so easy to prepare. We invite you to make some and go sit in your closet and let your imagination go wild with the possibilities!

Barb’s “Famous” Crab Dip


If you have a favorite snack recipe or use an unusual art medium, we want to know.  You may end up being next months featured artist.  Don’t forget to leave us a comment!

To make Barb’s “Famous” Crab Dip:

  • 1 block of cream cheese
  • 1 small jar cocktail sauce
  • I can or container of crab meat

Slather the cocktail sauce over the cheese and top with crabmeat.  Serve with crackers.  There will be no leftovers!




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