Studio Snacks: Deane Bowers

By Sandy Buffie and Jamie Birch

Deanne BowersWhat do a laundry room, driftwood, a soup can, E6000 and Rolos have in common?  Just ask this month’s featured artist- Deane Bowers.  A mixed-media artist living on beautiful Kiawah Island, South Carolina, Deane uses found objects from the beach, local parking lots, and household recyclables to create amazing art.  We took over 150 photos of her pieces which then created the impossible task of selecting only two for this blog.  (If you would like to see more check out





Bowers art 1We were also enthralled with Deane’s workspace- her laundry room!  Her tools and tubes of glue were neatly arranged on a countertop next to the washer.  Pieces of driftwood, fencing and wire were stacked behind the door next to the broom.  Of course they were! We couldn’t think of a better use for a laundry room!







Bowers art 2Deane went out of her way to make us some yummy chocolate snacks using gooey Rolo candies.  Be sure to check out the simple recipe below.

Click here to watch a video of Sandy Buffie taking a guided tour through Deane’s laundry room studio!







Bowers art  3

Sweet and Salty Pretzel Treats

PretzelsHere is the recipe for the easiest and most addicting snack you can make. The possible variations are endless, so be creative!

Start with a bag of small, flat, square or round, waffle-type pretzels (Snyder’s of Hanover brand works great), and then think chocolate.  Deane used Rolo candies in some of hers (chocolate covered caramels) and chocolate kisses in the others.

Put your pretzels on a baking sheet, and then place a chocolate kiss or Rolo on each pretzel.  Bake them in a warm oven, about 250 degrees, for just a minute or two.  Keep an eye on them, you just want the chocolate to start getting all melty.

Remove from oven and quickly place another pretzel on the chocolate and press down so that the candy becomes the center of your pretzel sandwich.  For the other variation Deane made, instead of using another pretzel for the top, put an M&M in the center of the chocolate and press down.  Let them cool for a few minutes, and then chill in the refrigerator or freezer.

So easy, and such a great bite of sweet and salty – yum!

A few tips:

If you are doing different chocolate candies (such as kisses and Rolo candies), bake them on separate cookie sheets because they will probably melt at different rates.  For example, white chocolate kisses melt faster than the dark chocolate or the Rolo candies.

For something that Deane likes to call Christmas Crack, try putting some crushed peppermint candies on top of the melted chocolate, then cover with another pretzel.  A very quick and easy treat for those holiday parties.

A pecan half works great for the top, too.  Who doesn’t love pecans and chocolate together?!

Let us know if you come up with any other variations that you just love.  We want to try them all!

Z7346_ElementalJournal-fb.inddFor more suggestions about using found objects in your art, check out The Elemental Journal by Tammy Kushnir.





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