Tell Yourself a Big Fat Lie and Help Your Career

A guest post by Victoria Rose Martin

While researching what to write for the month of April I stumbled across a humorous tid-bit of information. Did you know that April 4th is Tell A Lie Day? Even if you missed it, we can still celebrate.

Rather than focusing on malicious lies I think we should celebrate the holiday every day and use it to our advantage. Take it from an expert, it’s actually quite easy to lie to yourself. A great way to start is by not saying things to yourself that you would not say to anyone else. How many of you do that?

I tend to walk around with a smile on my face.  Why? Number one, I am a weird artist but I truly believe what we tell ourselves everyday helps to write the story of our lives. If you lie to yourself and smile even when you don’t feel like laughing, your attitude will change. You begin to believe you’re happy and like all repeated behavior it becomes a habit.

In honor of Tell A Lie Day here are 5 things I want you to tell yourself whether they’re true or not.

1.     I am a GREAT artist.  Say that one at least ten times every day. You could follow it up with “I am a source of great ideas and inspiration comes easy to me.” Most great artists share a few things in common, they have a passion for what they do and they constantly work at it. Tell yourself you’re great (even if it feels like a lie) and eventually you’ll believe it. And remember there is an audience for everyone out there; you just have to find them. We all have junk drawers in our homes, there are people out there taking that junk and marketing and selling it. How brilliant is that?

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.56.36 AM

Screenshot of junk drawer findings.


Or take a look at the artist below, instead of throwing away those old bits of broken beads and jewelry she recycles them and puts them to new use creating wonderful one of a kind shoes.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.02.04 AM

Screenshot of FBMBoutique on Etsy.

2.     I am financially stable. Years ago when I was in college I wanted to major in art but thought I should be a lawyer because of the old stereotypes. Rich lawyer/starving artist. Even before I started a career in law, I dreamed of the day I could retire so I could make art. What kind of life would that have been? Don’t approach a situation from a place of fear. Instead approach it with determination and confidence. Know you have the dedication to be the exception to the rule. And if you aren’t feeling confident about being an artist, repeat Lie #1 ten more times. Or you could visit the Museum of Bad Art’s website and all of the sudden you realize your work is pretty darn good.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 8.59.51 AM

Screenshot of Museum of Bad art website.

3.     I have plenty of time to work on my art. If you tell yourself you haven’t the time or energy you won’t. Anything worth doing is worth finding the time for. Most wonderful things in life don’t happen overnight. Careers in the arts take time to cultivate. And quite frankly, if you’ve got time to sit and watch TV, you could have an art project in your lap while doing it. Find the time to nurture your artistic career.

4.     Tell yourself that while a gallery owner or the juror of a show might have said no, there is a yes out there waiting for you. I was once told for every yes you have to hear no ten times. If you hear no, don’t get discouraged because you’re soon to hear a yes. Learn to bounce back from rejection and tell yourself a yes is coming soon. Need a little help in staying positive? There are websites dedicated to helping you live a happier stress free life.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 9.20.04 AM

Screenshot of home page.

5.     Finally, cut the stress. A thing I like to do is I say to myself, “In 6 months time this situation won’t even matter.” And 99% of the time, I am right. Do the same. Try to remember what you were fretting over 6 months ago. Can you even remember what it was? Tell yourself whatever it is, it will get done, it will be resolved, and it’s probably not as big as we think it is. Even if it pains you to stop working. Take breaks. Sometimes we work ourselves to the nub and we wring ourselves of all energy and ideas until we have nothing left. Even just an hour away from a task can bring you a fresh new perspective. So use down time to get re-inspired. Own your circumstances don’t let them own you.

There’s a big old world out there and we know it can be cruel, so my friends be kind to yourself.  Enjoy April 4th and don’t limit yourself to one day out of the year, keep telling yourself big fat juicy lies that make you happy and further your career.

Victoria Rose Martin is an artist and designer currently living in South Florida. She is the Department Chair for Fine Art and Graphic Design at Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth, Florida. You can visit her website at:

Declaration of You_160Try The Declaration of You! by Jessica Swift and Michelle Ward.

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