A Little Bloggy Housekeeping, Part 2

On Wednesday we were talking about blogging tips for setting up your blog if it’s your main venue for showcasing your work. Here are some more suggestions~~


–video bar: if you have a YouTube channel where you post tutorial videos (what? you don’t have one? Go here to find out how to get started), you can add this gadget to allow people to view your videos right from your blog.

–a single video: if you have one video you’d like to showcase, you can copy code to paste into a gadget. Under your video, find “share” and then “embed.” Copy and paste that into a gadget that allows you to add html code or Javascript. You could do a short video introduction or choose one video that really exemplifies what you do. You can use this gadget to focus on a single video and use the video bar to feature all the videos on your channel in random order.


–links to your Etsy shop and website, if you have them. If you have interviews on another site or are a regular guest blogger, you might want to link to those. Just keep in mind the purpose of your blog: what do you want people to find there, and what additional places would you like them to visit? Keep in mind that once they leave to visit somewhere else, there’s a chance they won’t return.


–photos–use the image gadget to add a photo of a new piece and then change it every week or so as you have something new to share. You can add a slideshow, but make sure it works for you and doesn’t just detract from the rest of the content.


–RSS feed–if you have a regular podcast or other regularly-updated content, you can add a feed to your blog so the content is updated every time you do a new episode.


–your email–make it easy for people to contact you by adding a gadget with your email address.


–Pages–add stand-alone pages with photos of your work, maybe one for your polymer jewelry and one for mixed-media. Another page might have your teaching schedule, and another might list all the supplies students will need for a specific workshop.


–An “about you” page, with a photo of you (yes, please: some of us may have met you somewhere but aren’t really sure where and are trying to figure out if you’re the person we met in Minneapolis or the one we met in Tucson. Get a bio photo you like, or at least can live with, and use it to help us out). Here you can provide a brief, reader-friendly bio (you can add another page for something more formal or for a resume, if you need it) that lets people find out a little about you.


What it all boils down to is this:  take some time to look at the possibilities by going to your blog layout (in Blogger) and clicking on “add a gadget” and then looking at what might work for you. Visit other artists’ blogs and see how they’ve set theirs up. Notice what would work for you and what wouldn’t. Then make a list of what’s important for your work, whether it’s a photo in the sidebar that you change every week or a link to your videos or your Yahoo group. You already know the things to avoid, from “tip jars” to music to flashing lights and annoying clutter. Now it’s time to figure out The Good Stuff–the things that are there just waiting to help make your work shine.
Ricë is the author of Living the Creative Life, Creative Time and Space, and Destination Creativity. She also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.

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