A Short Intermission While We Travel!

Yes, there is a Part II about setting up book signings, and I apologize for not having it here for you, but it’s worth it because there’s exciting stuff on the way.

I wanted to make sure you know to tune in for the next few days as we head out to Art Is Petaluma this weekend and then on to Art & Soul Portland. I’ll be moderating a panel discussion in Petaluma on Friday morning and having a book signing Saturday night, and then in Portland I’ll be MC-ing a cool opening night party on Sunday and doing a book signing on Monday. If the technology doesn’t mess with us, like it did at Art Unraveled when the MacBook Pro said, “Urp. I’m full,” then I’ll be posting photos and videos right here and on my blog at The Voodoo Cafe. So check back often–it’s going to be a fabulous trip, and I can’t wait to tell you about it~~


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