A Winner & Another Give-Away. Wow!

First of all, congratulations to Cathy (caugros): you win the copy of Art of Layers! I hope you’ll find plenty here to help you learn more about layers and to help you have a ton of fun in the process. Send me your US mailing address, please. WordPress isn’t letting me add a link for that, so you can go to my personal blog, here, and find a link for my email in the sidebar. Gah. Why does everything have to be so complicated? Sorry about that.

Thanks to all of y’all who commented but didn’t win–keep reading for another chance to win another book, and, of course, if you still want a copy of Art of Layers, you can find those here.

And now that we’re on a roll here with the giving away of cool books, I’ve got one more that needs a new home: Journeys to Abstraction: 100 Contemporary Paintings and Their Secrets Revealed, by Sue St. John. Ever want to know what went into an abstract painting? What did the artist use to make that first layer? How did they get those lines over there?  And, really, the most basic of basics: what’s the substrate under those layers? In this book, the artists themselves tell you how they began, what they did next, and how they achieved that signature look. Here are some shots from the pages to give you an idea of what it’s all about:

You can find out more about the book here.


To toss your name in the hat for this one, leave a comment. Yes, I do read all the comments, and no, I don’t use a random number generator, so, you know, say something! You must have a US mailing address, and you must check back next Monday and then get in touch with me personally, since I’m shipping the book from my address. Got all that? Great–good luck!


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5 Responses to A Winner & Another Give-Away. Wow!

  1. Seth says:

    Any art book that has the words ‘secrets’ and ‘revealed’ in its title must be good 🙂
    Sign me up!

  2. blemme says:

    Just figured out why I couldn’t find the comment section. That said, please sign me up.

  3. WendyT says:

    This book looks awesome! I just recently trying to teach myself abstract painting and this looks like right up my alley!

  4. Thepeddlerswife says:

    Anything recommended by Josie has got to be good! Sign me up!

  5. Hi Rice – I am a huge fan of your podcast and finally hopped over to Create Mixed Media b/c I heard you talking about it enough to make me curious 🙂 I think that behind any good painting, there is a good abstract painting – which is one of the things I am teaching myself right now. Sign me up 🙂