Advice to Artists: “Run the Other Way”

Y’all know I’m a fan of Kelly Moore, the way cool Santa Fe artist with the amazing Shed at the Flea Market. I wrote about him here and offered a copy of his cool book, Absurdity is My Friend, as a give-away (more on that below). So I’m reading through this book again, which is filled with his paintings along with photographs by Kat Livengood and lots of Kelly’s own poetry, and I came across this poem and went, “Whoa.” I jumped up and sent Kelly a note and asked if it was OK if I shared it here, and he said, “Sounds great!” Kelly’s great that way.

So here it is.

Run the Other Way

if you want my advice

about becoming an artist. . . .

run the other way

most artist

use only factory made stretched canvas

i say find a piece of salvage lumber

and get creative

most artist

are waiting for a gallery to “discover them”

i say find a place artist dont want

and make it your own

most artist

are trying to get big bucks for their art

i say get a reasonable price

and dont collect your own art

most artist

hang out with other artist

i say stay away from anyone

who has time to shoot the bull over a cup of coffee

most artist

are on every social networking website on the internet

i say less is more

and last but not least

when it comes to advice

disregard everything ive typed

because as i sayd

run the other way

                                       ~~Kelly Moore

“Dreamr” by Kelly Moore

I love that, and it’s sound advice. I know there are lots of artists who do just fine with the commercially-stretched canvas and the big gallery rep and meeting friends every day for lunch. But sometimes it really does make sense to run the other way–the way less taken, the time less fractured, the life less lived online in 140-word bursts about why we’re stuck and can’t paint.

Kelly sent me two copies of Absurdity is My Friend to give away. I have one left, but this time I’m doing the give-away on my own blog, over at The Voodoo Cafe, because I hope to have better luck there with the winner actually getting in touch with their address. Zip over to the post there, leave a comment and then check back to see if you win–good luck!

Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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