Alternative Art Journals & A Winner

A couple things about our contest last week for the give-away of Alternative Art Journals by Margaret Peot. First of all, the winner:  Congratulations to HowlingMoose! I love the idea that you'll use this with your students, introducing them to the joy of making their own journals. Enjoy! And then I thought it would be fun to share some other resources for those of y'all who are into (or would like to get into) making your own journals. I've got a couple simple little tutorial videos on YouTube. Here's Part I, and here's Part II. There is no part 3--I got this far and then figured people would go on and do the finishing parts on their own. Here's a sewn-signature tutorial on Curiously Crafty.  This is the kind of book I made over and over and over, and this is a great tutorial--I never had the patience to do one this thorough. Good job. Here's a link to Jason Thompson's Making Journals By Hand, my all-time favorite book-binding book and the one that introduced me to my friend Wendy Hale Davis, who teaches bookbinding in Austin, Texas, if you're ever around those parts. She's a professional book binder and has been making her own journals for years. She does amazing work with leather. You should be able to find workshops in your area with a google search. Here's a tutorial for making mini journals by Samantha Hahn over on Maquette. And here's Aisling's Artist's Journals, with lots of info. I found that one from Kukachoo Crafts and a post on Making Journals.  Wow--that should be plenty to get you started, right? If you need more, a google search on "making journals" will turn up enough to keep you busy--and delighted!--for days. Have fun! And congratulations, again, to HowlingMoose. Send me an email at ricefz at gmail, please, and I'll get this in the mail to you~~   Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.
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