“An Illustrated Journey” by Danny Gregory

I love Danny Gregory’s books, and I’m always happy when a new one comes out. But this time I was especially excited because my friend Roz Stendahl is one of the contributors.

Freeman-Zachery Danny Gregory 1


Freeman-Zachery Danny Gregory 2

I love Roz’s visual journals, and I’ve been lucky to hang out with her when she’s working in one. Once we were at The Broken Spoke, an historic dancehall in Austin, Texas. Roz sat at one of the rickety old tables and drew while my husband and I danced, stopping by every now and then to see her view of the evening. It’s amazing to see an event or a place through someone else’s eyes–it’s something photographs just can’t capture.

Another time we visited Roz in Minneapolis and walked along the Mississippi River, just blocks from her home. Although she’s walked and biked there innumerable times, she always finds something new, some landmark that’s slightly different from day to day or season to season.

Freeman-Zachery Danny Gregory 3 Freeman-Zachery Danny Gregory 4 Freeman-Zachery Danny Gregory 5

An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration from the Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers is about just such an approach to life: viewing it as an adventurer and attempting to capture as much of your unique impression of it as you can, via pen or pencil or watercolors or crayons, on the pages of a book. 


You can find out more about Danny at dannygregory.com, and you can see more of Roz’s fabulous journals in the Journal section of her website, here, and on her blog at rozwoundup.com.


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