Another Amazingly Creative Video: “Snow Globe Los Angeles” by Colin Mika

I posted here about how videos don’t have to be just videos any more, and about how you can do all kinds of really creative things. And then this week I got a note from my friend Laurie Mika (author of Mixed Media Mosaics) with a link to her son’s Vimeo video, which, she says, has been downloaded over 35,000 times so far. Here’s what the site says about this video:

“Snow Globe Los Angeles” was created using over 4000 still images shot on a custom built camera rig. The effect was achieved using a Canon 5D MII, a homemade tilt-shift style lens, a light bulb filled with water, and paper cut outs to create shaped bokeh.”

So: you can make a video without even using a video camera. Amazing, right? And here it is.

Even more amazing, isn’t it? And inspiring–I hope you’re inspired to see what you and your camera can do–this time of year is perfect for taking your camera out and seeing what you can create together. We’d love to see what you discover~~


Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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