Another Amazingly Creative Video: “Snow Globe Los Angeles” by Colin Mika

I posted here about how videos don't have to be just videos any more, and about how you can do all kinds of really creative things. And then this week I got a note from my friend Laurie Mika (author of Mixed Media Mosaics) with a link to her son's Vimeo video, which, she says, has been downloaded over 35,000 times so far. Here's what the site says about this video: "Snow Globe Los Angeles" was created using over 4000 still images shot on a custom built camera rig. The effect was achieved using a Canon 5D MII, a homemade tilt-shift style lens, a light bulb filled with water, and paper cut outs to create shaped bokeh." So: you can make a video without even using a video camera. Amazing, right? And here it is. Even more amazing, isn't it? And inspiring--I hope you're inspired to see what you and your camera can do--this time of year is perfect for taking your camera out and seeing what you can create together. We'd love to see what you discover~~   Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.
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