Art is–Petaluma!

Oh, my little chickadees, did we have a marvelous time today! We’re at Art Is You in Petaluma, and today we took a Magic Carpet Ride to Benicia, a town filled with art and energy and friendly people. Our guide for the day was Lorri-Marie Jenkins,  and as soon as I saw her, I knew I’d found a kindred spirit. Love the hair! She showed us around her town, introducing us to artists and taking us to The Rellik for marvelous cappuccinos and delicious scones, and then we went to The Arsenal, where half a dozen Art is Petaluma artists were teaching a two-day immersion workshop, the brainchild of Sharon Payne Bolton, who was teaching a bookmaking workshop and who graciously let us photograph her amazing studio/gallery space. Here you go:

Lorri-Marie also took us to Bradbury & Bradbury, where we got to see gorgeous wallpaper being created by hand, silk-screened one color at a time:


Amazing work.


It was a fabulous day, and now we’re off to the lobby to have a glass of wine. This is, after all, Sonoma County.


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