Art Is You Guest Post: Kecia Deveney

I asked Kecia Deveney, long-time Art Is You instructor and the Driver of Miss Sophie:

Miss Sophie

Miss Sophie

to tell about why these retreats have been so important to her them. Here’s what Kecia had to say:

As an instructor with Art Is You, I want to encourage you to nominate someone deserving for the opportunity to win a chance to attend one of AIY’s art retreats. I’ve both taught and attended some of the other big retreats as well. While I had a great time, I know in comparison now, that they don’t offer they same sort of connectedness (yes, I am making up my own word!) that I have felt in the AIY family.

Freeman-Zachery Kecia 5
One of the main purposes of these events is to bring women together. As women, we are busy in our lives taking care of our family, our aging parents, disabled children, etc. But that often comes at a price, because we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. Stressful lives pay a price.
I know financially it can be difficult to get away, but more often I’ve talked to women who say, “oh no, I couldn’t leave my family and go do something like that.” I know I thought that in the beginning. I felt like my husband would never go for it. Not sure why we trap our dreams by letting what we think others will say about them. But amazingly when I told my husband about it, he told me “to go for it.” His support made such a difference.
When I attend/teach at a retreat, I leave my home life behind. I go as myself, a girl who likes to play, laugh, be silly, dress up, play jokes, or have a few cocktails.
Freeman-Zachery Kecia 1
It is amazing to remember what it feels like to be that young girl again. The girl with dreams and ambitions before getting married and having children. To me there is a sense of freedom in regaining that independence. And to be interacting with other like minded artists only adds that much more excitement to my life.
Freeman-Zachery Kecia 8
I’ve made some of my best friends through this art venture. Friends that sadly, I only get to see when we can all come together through an AIY event, but we take advantage of our special time together, make fun plans and mourn the moment it is almost over. But then we all chat online as the excitement builds for the next time we can all be together. AIY is a family, a girls club for women (and boys too!) and a camp all in one. The activities, the hugs, the classes, the environment, the silliness and the glee. I encourage your to attend a retreat to see for yourself or nominate someone you know that is deserving and needs herself an art makeover.
Kecia sent along these photos, taken at various Art is You retreats over the years, just in case you need something to spur you on to nominate someone to win our contest. The info is here.
Freeman-Zachery Kecia 10 Freeman-Zachery Kecia 9 Freeman-Zachery Kecia 7 Freeman-Zachery Kecia 6 Freeman-Zachery Kecia 4 Freeman-Zachery Kecia 3 Freeman-Zachery Kecia 2

001_009_Z9582_01FM.inddTo find out more about art retreats, check out Destination Creativity.

Be sure to visit Kecia’s blog.




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