Art Is You in Petaluma: Art Retreat Heaven

We’re off to Petaluma, California, today to make our second visit to Art Is You. I posted photos from our visit last year, but I don’t know (and can’t find–gah) that I ever wrote about the adventure. My husband and I have been to a wide variety of art retreats, mostly in doing research for our book, Destination Creativity, but also since then, when I moderate panel discussions and serve as MC for various adventures and he takes photographs for the organizers. We’ve had marvelous adventures and have been hosted by generous organizers all across the country, but I’ve got to say this: no ones does it like Ellen and Sallianne. No matter that I loathe air travel, I’m always ready to go when they invite us. From the moment they send the invitation, everything is taken care of: the arrangements, the travel, the room, the meals. Everything. All we have to do is show up and work–and “work” means getting to hang out and talk to and photograph some of the most delightful, inspirational people ever.


Still, it is work, and working away from home can be a trial, indeed, especially if you’re having to forage for food or stay somewhere less than fabulous miles away from the venue, maybe somewhere with spotty internet service and not-so-happy plumbing after having driven hundreds of miles to the retreat. Art is You is the opposite of all that–everything has been taken care of ahead of time so that we don’t have to worry about all the things that get in the way. This is no accident; it’s what Ellen and Sallianne had in mind when they planned this adventure. Go here to listen to my podcast with them from last year where they explain the philosophy behind their retreats. Then go to their website to find out more–they’re on the East Coast, too.

Here are some photos from last year–check back on Friday to see what we’ve got from this year!


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