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Do you ever find yourself with some creative time to whip up some art journal pages, but then discover you’re low on art journal prompt ideas? Ricë is here to the rescue! She has done a lot of hunting, so you don’t have to. Check out some of her favorites below, from a free downloadable journal prompts PDF from The Journal Junkies Workshop to some of the top art journal blogs in the community such as Daisy Yellow. You may never be stumped for writing in your journal again!

Someone who just recently joined my Yahoo art journal group asked about prompts to help you get started, and as I was hunting around for some links, I realized there were probably a lot more people who could sometimes use just a bit of a jump-start. So here are some of the ones I found, starting with our own free PDF from The Journal Junkies, who wrote The Journal Junkies Workshop. Click here to go to the page for the download.

Then I found this fabulous list of 50 art journal prompts over at Blacksburg Belle. I especially like #17:

“Take your art journal outside and document what you see. Write it, draw it, or paint it.”

and also #s 18, 25 and 32. And, you know, just generally any of these would be fabulous for getting you started.

And several posts of prompts from Tammy at Daisy Yellow. Here’s one, and here’s another, which is about creative prompts rather than prompts specifically for art journaling but is still sure to get your brain going, just the same.

Then there’s this one over at Tee Thompson Studio. Poke around over there–there are a bunch of ideas that will spark pages in your journal.

Here’s one by Klair Scattergood over at Rhomany’s Realm.

You can Google “art journal prompts” for a ton more, or you can do a search over at YouTube for art-journal-related videos, but, really? These should get you going, and once you get going, you’re going to come up with enough ideas to fill lots and lots of those blank white pages. Have fun!


Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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  1. dawndsokol says:

    Hey, Ricë! Just wanted to add that I do prompts called 10-Minute Journaling every Friday at!