Artfest Comes to an End, But It’s Not Too Late to Go~~

I think we were all shocked to hear that 2012 is going to be the last year for Artfest. Anyone who’s ever been to one of these retreats just assumed they’d continue forever, like Christmas or childhood or anything so perfect you couldn’t imagine it would end. But end it will, and I wanted to make sure that people out there know that there are a few slots still available. If you’ve been thinking you might get there someday, that someday had better be now.

Artfest 2010, photo by Earl Zachery

I’ve been to Artfest three times, twice to teach and most recently to include it in our book, Destination Creativity: The Life-Altering Journey of The Art Retreat. You can find out more about Artfest in Chapter 3. Here are some photos to entice you further:

Artfest 2010, photo by Earl Zachery

Artfest 2010, photo by Earl Zachery

Artfest 2010, photo by Earl Zachery

Artfest 2010, photo by Earl Zachery

Go here to listen to my podcast with Teesha talking about Artfest.

Here’s what Teesha told me about how you can attend the very last retreat:

Why did you decide to end Artfest after 2012? It’s such a huge part of so many artists’ lives, it’s hard to believe it won’t be happening every year.
When I sat down to put in my reservations for 2013, something didn’t seem right.  It was a gut feeling.  I was surprised and completely perplexed by this feeling that I have come to KNOW and trust over the years.  I thought through all avenues of making the decision to continue or not continue.  When I thought about continuing, it just didn’t FEEL right.  When I’d resign myself to not continue, it FELT right…even though my head was as confused as ever.  I’ve learned that my gut feelings about something hold way more sway than my brain does.  My brain shoots me down wrong pathways…my gut never does.  I’m STILL having sleepless nights over the people whose lives this will affect negatively (teachers who rely on the income, students who get so much out of it, etc…).  The only thing that keeps me sane is the KNOWING that something BETTER than Artfest is right around the corner.  Yes, I know it’s hard to imagine but I know it is there.  I’m not done bringing creativity to people…not by a long shot.  I just feel that I need to clear the plate for the next big thing, so it can happen.  
So if people have been wanting to attend Artfest and haven’t yet, this next year is their last chance, right?
Yes.  Artfest 2012 will be the last one.
Is there still room?
Yes, we still have maybe 60 spots.
If someone wants to make sure they get to go before it’s too late, what do they need to do?
Register now (it is very important to note that you can only register by mail and with a check…we do not process online registrations).  Since I have made this decision, I have received over 50 reservations in the past week.  It is filling fast.  The website is being updated frequently as to which workshops are full.  
We hear it’s going to be a blow-out going away party at the Fort next Spring. Any hints about that?
For starters, Jesse Reno will be our wednesday night speaker.  When he heard the news, he was really inspired and super excited to talk because he gets it.  I feel like Jesse is a true creative genius and has some important things to share that we need to hear.  We’ve had really cool companies coming out of the woodwork wanting to be a part of the last one with free products and we are still collaborating on the evening activities.  Since I made the decision, I have been inundated with supportive emails and new registrations, etc. so have not had more than a few minutes to talk about it over our morning coffee/journaling ritual.  But, we want to go out with a bang so it may just be the party of the century!

A little note here…I get the feeling that the next thing will not reveal itself to me until Artfest is over because I tend to jump into things with both feet.  This way, artfest will get my full attention.  I’m excited about it all.  New directions are always good.
This is a chance you do not want to miss, not if you can figure out any way at all to wrangle it. Go here to find out more.
Thanks to Teesha and Tracy for an amazing experience~~
Ricë also blogs at The Voodoo Cafe.


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