Best Gifts EVER, Part 2

Because you knew we had more than those from Monday, right? Of course we did! Here are the rest of The Most Creative Gifts EVER~~


First off, from Sharon, who remembers, “The beautiful quilt my mom made for me one year, and the home-made apple/pear jam a good friend always makes. As for useful, my husband always gives me tools. Either garden tools or one year a Dremel tool kit. Oh, and a small electric palm sander. LOL”

And Vickie tells a story I love because often the best gifts, the ones that change your life, don’t look like much at first glance: “There have been so many thoughtful, thought-provoking gifts through the years. Probably one of the most memorable ‘gifts’ was a piece of carpet. My neighbor “aunt tootsie,” helped me push the envelope. What could I create? I unraveled it. And wove a purse. Using yarn and fibers I created a bag I carried all through high school. Always being a re-user…. that bag started a revolution in me. Ever since I look at everything and think… What else could it be? My aunt knew.”

Mad says, “The best-ever gift I received was from a friend who was closing her yarn shop: 250lbs of tapestry yarn, every color of the rainbow and enough to fill floor-to-ceiling shelving unit.” Just reading this makes me salivate. For me, it wouldn’t be yarn, but embroidery floss. What about you? What would you love to have in such a vast quantity that you didn’t have to worry about running out? EVER?


Kathy says, “In the 1960’s when I was a teen, my Mom gave me two old wooden Coke crates–yellow ones–and some coordinating ribbons. I glued the ribbon down in each “cubby” and stored little keepsakes. Over the years, they have been on display, used to hold shotglasses, were plant pedestals, etc, etc. The ribbon is long gone. One is currently on my worktable and holds glue sticks and washi tape and lots of other creative supplies for art journaling. The other is the perfect height to elevate the food and water for my 17 year old, 3-legged cat. Who knows what use they will have in my future, but I will always have them!”


Penny says, “I’ve received many fun things over the years, but probably the best one for creating was a bag of thread, yarn, paper ephemera, markers, buttons and more. I have used the items in various projects such as paintings, journals, scrapbooking and sewing!”

And perhaps my favorite story of all, from Alice: “I’ve received so many great creative gifts from friends and family over the years, it’s hard to pick one. So instead, I’ll tell you about the one from someone I barely knew. I stopped at a yard sale in a rural area. The little lady running it was scared to death of me, backing away from me every time I got near her. I kept commenting on items, telling her what I do, the things I make. She eventually realized I wasn’t a satanic serial killer and warmed up to me. She told me her husband was a pack rat and left her with quite the mess when he passed away. She wanted to clean out the garage and sell what she could, but had no one to help her. I promised her I’d come back the next weekend to help her. When I came back, she opened the garage – all I could say was OH MY GOD. Her husband hoarded some amazing things. She said I could have whatever I wanted out of there as payment for the help. Many people had promised to help her before, but I was the only one who bothered to actually show up. It took us (mostly me) four weekends to get the garage cleaned out, during which I made a lovely new friend and got so many truly amazing things to work with. So to me, that’s my best gift ever.”


And that’s the perfect place to end, I think. What could be a better gift?

I hope these stories have given you ideas for all your gift-giving occasions in the coming year, whatever those might be. Thanks to everyone who so generously took time to share their stories~~

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